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September 9 began the pre-ordering for Apple’s new iPhone 7 and 7+. This release is expected to be the most popular one yet. Apple is always coming out with something new. They were the first to execute LED alerts and assigning vibrations. Apple has always been an innovation based company, and they grow more and more each day. The new releases have so many dope new features that I can’t wait to share with you.

So, for starters, the iPhone 7+ has two cameras. Yes, I said TWO! This is about to be such a great upgrade. Seeing as though the 6s+ camera was the best camera created so far. These two new cameras have great features. “The iPhone camera is the most popular camera in the world,” according to Apple themselves. The new features are the 12 megapixel cameras that have wide-angle and telephoto, and the optical zoom with two times the digital zoom.

Now, let’s move on to the software. iOS 10 is finally going to be released! Now if you're anything like me, you probably signed up for the iOS Beta program that Apple offers. It was really created for the developers of apps to test out how their apps work with iOS software, but of course Apple made the program available to the public. Anyway, the new iOS 10 is about to change the game completely. It is a completely new design with great new features. In iMessage, you have access to skins that activate to any other iPhone that also has the iOS 10 software. It also offers stickers and message effects such as "gentle" for when you want to say something softly, and "loud" for when you want to get your point across. It includes GIFs and a GIF search engine within the iMessage app. Another feature is the new control center. It has been completely rearranged and it looks beautiful. You can slide the control center over to access the music section. On this control bar, you can see album art. Speaking of music, the music app has a completely different look as well. It includes suggestions from Apple Music, and has an even cooler display than before.

Which brings me to the next cool thing Apple has done with these new phones. There has been a lot of argument about whether or not the phones will have a headphone jack. Apple revealed that there will in fact not be a headphone jack on these new additions to the iPhone family. Don’t let that discourage you because what they have done to solve that will make you want this phone even more. The headphones will now have a lighting cable on the end, which means you can plug the headphones where your charger goes. They also created wireless headphones that are called AirPods. They will be released in late October, but that's another conversation.

A person would think that with all of these new features, the battery on the phone would be gone very quickly, but boy, do I have a surprise for you. No more battery problems with this new A10 chip that Apple has created. This chip makes the iPhone 7 and 7+ move two times faster than the 6. The battery will also give you two hours more life than the iPhone 6. This is said to be the longest battery life ever in an iPhone.

Last but not least, the speakers have been upgraded. The headphone jack was removed to make room for the speakers. The new iPhones will have speakers on each end of the phone. The speakers are two times louder than the speakers on the iPhone 6 and 6+. The stereo system is said to be equivalent to the MacBook. This is a huge improvement in sound from the other models of the iPhone. In total, I think that this phone will be amazing! The new features and design of the phone are so cool. I can’t wait to get mine. September 16 is the day they will be available for purchase.

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