The first time I knew I wanted to change my smile was in the fall of my sophomore year at a networking event for a professional organization I am in for my major. I really enjoy networking and going to these events just to get my name out there and see what people are doing with their degrees. However, this specific event was the most awkward and uncomfortable experience of my entire life.

So when I first walked into the room I immediately already felt awkward because I was overdressed. But hey I guess being overdressed is better than being underdressed right? A woman who was invited to speak at our event was standing by the door. I smiled at her and she went, "oh...are you here for the event?" Which I was kind of thrown off by because like, where else would I be going dressed up like this and why did she look surprised? "Yeah?" I responded now confused thinking I walked into the wrong room or something. "Oh! Okay. So you're a freshman right?" Now I'm really confused because this event wasn't just for freshman. It's already awkward having acne flareups and gaps in my teeth that make me look younger than I am, but it's even more awkward to have someone point it out. Not that she directly pointed it out, but it was still really awkward. I'm a sophomore so technically she wasn't very far off but I felt like at that point forward I wasn't being taken seriously.

I know this woman was probably also, if not more, awkward and uncomfortable as I was when I told her I was a sophomore. What she said rang in my head for a couple weeks and I couldn't shake the feeling that people didn't take me seriously because of my smile. Which sucked because I take these events seriously. So when I went to my dentist for a regular check up and cleaning, I had asked what we could do to correct my smile. Reguar metal braces were out o the question since I was trying to not look like I'm 12 anymore and metal braces would make me look even younger. That's when he brought up Invisalign.

The first couple weeks of Invisalign were rough I'm not gonna lie. Since you have to take them out to eat or drink, the first couple weeks every time I took them out it felt like I was ripping my teeth out. Which is very unpleasant. But after a couple weeks I got used to taking them in and out all the time and the pain went away.

I'm a little more than halfway through my Invisalign "journey" I guess you could say and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Just since the end of February, my teeth have changed so much and I love the results. I feel so much more confident in my smile. I've had lots of people ask if I would recommend going through this whole Invisalign experience. And my answer everytime is yes. If you're looking for a sign to ask about Invisalign this is it. Do it.