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Introverted Challenges

"There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet." William Fredrick Halsey JR.


Often we are told to take challenges and put ourselves out there. These challenges may arise in various forms, some of which may occur in our financial, social, creative, or in other parts of our life. For some, the challenges that we take up are necessary so we can learn and grow from the outcomes; while for others the problems they face serve merely as thrilling experiences.

But, for a young adult, what is a challenge and how do they often do we need to take them? This question may vary depending on the character we hold, the culture we grew up with, the experiences we faced and the way we have developed mentally. As an introvert, the biggest challenge rises within social settings. This introvert attempts to learn her surroundings before becoming a part of them. Sometimes, the effort to determine the environment overtakes the act of becoming a part of it. As an introvert the most challenging part becomes within large groups of people, therefore making it difficult to become a part of the setting indeed the way an extrovert may be able to.

As a young adult, some of the most significant risks that I have had to take in my personal life often take place in settings like parties, interviews, large family gatherings, large class lectures and other settings in which countless people are present. I find that I am that one individual who will sit in the back of the room, the corner and restrain from bringing attention to myself. I find myself straying to back of the room in lectures, or having one on one conversations in the large family gatherings.

This risk I take every time in these large gatherings is something that I find myself making at various points. But, it is something that pushes me to learn and grow. It challenges me to do better and learn from the people around me. However, I find that the best time I see myself most comfortable is when I am in my most comfortable surroundings. I find most comfort when I am at home watching television, or working out at my martial arts studio, or even spending time with my close friends at school.

As an introvert, the challenge for me starts because of the way I have developed into. It is something that I label myself with. I don't find that being an introvert as a problem, but rather a characteristic that adds to my personality trait.

These varied situations for an introvert can sometimes serve as a blessing in disguise; certain conditions force us to face some of the fears that we most find uncomfortable. Hence, we must accept them and merely use them as learning experiences.

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