Into The World of Tarot
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Into The World of Tarot

An interview with a professional Tarot reader named Rose.

Into The World of Tarot

As a believer in the different and interesting ways of life, I have found a lovely lady named Rose to help me share with you some of the ins and outs of Tarot. Rose is a kind and upbeat person, who has a wonderful attitude towards just about everything. She has been reading cards for 5 years this coming spring and she has been reading professionally since November of 2014. I was absolutely thrilled when she agreed to let me ask her a few questions about card reading.

How would you define Tarot?

In my opinion, Tarot is a 78 card deck used as a tool to reveal answers to questions as simple as "What does my future look like?", to giving guidance for questions relating to: relationships, spiritual journey and development, financial paths, and inner work. Tarot is not limited to being used for fortune-telling!

How did you find yourself interested in Tarot?

When I first stepped foot in the Tarot world, I was in the process of sorting out darker areas of my life with the aid of weekly therapy visits. When I began to really pay attention to what it is that I really wanted out of life, I literally stumbled across a random YouTube video about Tarot. I was hooked right away. Tarot opened up a whole new perspective of life for me. I was obsessed and I began learning SO MUCH about myself in the process.

What is the hardest part of readings for you?

Hmm....Well, when I give readings, I am usually doing so online, but when I am giving an in-person Tarot Reading, I find it difficult to connect with my client when I feel they are immediately closed off to the reading. I think many people mistake us for being mind-readers and think the less they say the better. Many people will put on their "poker face" and sit there without any emotions. Because I connect with a person's energy/emotion, I find

it difficult to break through their wall. Usually, I will let them know what is going on, and if they refuse to budge, I will have to remind them the less they open up, the more vague their reading will be.

What is the best part of readings for you?
The connection! I have met some amazing people through this path. Many of my clients return back to me after a couple of months and some clients come back every month for a reading! I absolutely love it!

I also enjoy the fact that I found my life's purpose! Reading cards for people and offering them advice and answers to their questions is such a fulfilling responsibility. I have complete strangers opening up to me and the messages that come through the cards is just jaw dropping at times! When I am connecting with Spirit and able to deliver messages, the experience is that much more exciting! There's just nothing like it.

How did you make the decision to start reading cards professionally for other people?
I had already been studying the Tarot for 1 year when I began offering free readings through my Tumblr account. I used to come home from work and find 1 or 2 free reading requests in my messages. When I started doing this for a few months I found the positive feedback I was receiving was a constant! I got to the point where I felt like what I was offering was worth the exchange of payment. I always tell my followers that when you don't have to ask when it is time to charge for your readings is when you know you are ready! I dove in and never looked back!

Would you want to learn any other forms of divination?

I would love to learn how to use the pendulum. I think this method would be a wonderful addition to my "Tapping Beyond The Grave" reading. Connecting with Spirit is something I am currently working with and building up my Mediumship abilities is the ultimate goal. I think utilizing the Pendulum would make the reading that much more interesting!

Which deck is your favorite, or which deck do you wish to acquire?
My all time favorite would be my Rider Waite Tarot deck. I own a couple versions of this deck such as: Original Rider Waite, Radiant Rider Waite, and the Starlight Illuminated Tarot. They are all favorites! I have a thing for Rider Waite themed Tarot decks. I also favor my Wild Unknown and the Victorian Romantic Tarot. They both hold sentimental value to me!

Decks I wish to acquire would include another version of Carol Herzer's decks. She has such a talent for creating one of a kind Tarot decks! I already own the Starlight Illuminated Tarot but I would love to add another version. I also would like to add some more Oracle decks to my collection. I don't have any in particular right now, but I do need more Oracle decks!

What kind of relationship do you have with your deck?

They are so close to me I sense their genders. I know it might seem funny, but I totally feel a male vibe to a deck vs a female one! I also treat them with respect. Many of them have found homes in deck bags I purchase specifically for them. I keep them stored in drawers to ensure they are safe and protected! Every once in awhile I will feel energetically connected to a certain deck for a certain time of the year. This deck will go with me everywhere as it sits in my purse day in and day out!

Any tips for any others interested in Tarot? Where to begin or ways to improve?
When you are starting your Tarot Journey, I highly suggest getting yourself a journal! I kept one while I was first learning and I found writing about the cards I pulled for myself was extremely helpful in learning the meanings! Also, read "78 Degrees of Wisdom" by Rachel Pollack. This was THE Tarot book I studied with! I love it so much. It is filled with tons of useful information. I also created a 15 page E-book you can download off of my website for free! This E-book is meant for Tarot Beginners! You can find it here. And lastly, there's no right or wrong way to learn the Tarot! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Go about it your way and find a deck that you vibe with. You do not have to start with a specific deck! Have fun and let your intuition guide you!!!

Rose is an amazing reader, I have had a couple readings from her in the past, and I hope you enjoyed this insight to the world of Tarot! You can contact her through any of the links at the bottom, and I encourage you to get a reading!





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