What It's Like Having A Roommate: The Real Tea
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Student Life

What It's Like Having A Roommate: The Real Tea

I asked my suitemates what it's like for them to live with me and each other during this crazy time.

What It's Like Having A Roommate: The Real Tea

Sharing a room (or any space) with anyone else for an extended amount of time is not easy. You really learn what you like about people and what you can't stand. Sometimes we think we can deal with a person, but when we live with them, that doesn't seem to be the case. Because I am curious about this, I asked my roommate and two of my suite mates a series of questions. Here's what they said.

(I have given everyone a nickname because we don't name drop here. I also just like giving people weird names.)

What is the best part of having a roommate/suite mate?

Peep- "Always having someone to talk to or ask questions. We do weird things together. I also really like always having someone to get food with"

BB- "That's a tough one. I would have to say that it's the sisterhood we have. I didn't grow up having a sister and to come her and share a room with someone and know them on a personal level...it's cool."

Owlet- "you always have someone to talk to and someone to do things with"

What is the worst part?

Peep- "Not being able to do whatever the f**ck you want whenever you want with no humans around. I wanna be able to walk around naked or with no pants!"

BB- "I always had my own room growing up so I was used to being able to be alone whenever I want. Now I can't and that can be a plus side but like I said, we are like sisters and siblings fight."

Owlet- "Sometimes you want to be alone or do certain things alone, but since you have a roommate, you can't be alone most of the time."

The most annoying thing your roommate does?

Peep- "Leaving dishes or food out without cleaning up or putting things away. She also has a messier space than I do"

BB- "The drama that is in my life that progressed because of my roommate's affiliation to someone I know and consider a friend"

Owlet- "Sometimes when you [Bri] go to the other room to talk to our suite mates you leave the door open. I don't mind the noise but when the door is shut it is better for me to concentrate on what I'm doing."

How do you think it would be different if COVID had not happened?

Peep- "We would have an open door policy and people would hang out more in our room. More variety of people. I think there would be more opportunities for me to find my own group of friends.

BB- "There would be so much more going on and we would both be making different friends. We kind of missed out on the college experience because of what happened"

Owlet- "I would probably be out more and get back to our room later which might be annoying. So I guess it's a good thing."

What is the weirdest thing you guys have done out of sheer boredom?

Payday- "Watching my roommate shave our suite mate's legs. Like what? Also, sitting on the bathroom floor with my suite mate and talking about a podcast we should totally make."

BB- "Our bathroom dance party with the whole suite. That is definitely high on my list."

Owlet- "I really don't remember the weirdest thing, but if I do I'll let you know"

What do you do to get away?

Peep- "Put earbuds in and listen to music or podcasts and not engage.

BB- "I feel like I get away by putting in my air pods and listening to music or watching videos. I just get everything off my mind."

Owlet- "Sometimes I go for a walk or just sit at the Student Center"

What is your funniest no context inside joke?

Peep- "Okay, have fun"

BB- "I think that our whole quote book is funny. I have two though. One is "Learning how to read braille is learning how to be blind" and the second is "have fun...but not too much fun" ;)" *5 minutes later* "I FORGOT ABOUT STEP BRO!"

Owlet- "I really don't tell jokes so I don't have any"

What is your favorite thing about them?

Peep- "How easy the conversation is and how much I like talking to everyone. I can literally walk into any of our rooms and feel comfortable talking to any of you."

BB- "The bond we have created. One of us could leave and come back and it's like nothing has changed. It's that sense of friendship"

Owlet- "My favorite thing is when we sit down and have full conversations about things. I also like that you share things a d are a clean person."

Have you had any fights?

Peep- "We get heated over my decisions but I don't think we really fight."

BB- "I feel like everyone has disagreements because you've never met them before. We've had small disagreements but nothing big"

Owlet- "we haven't really had any fights which is good. You're not the type of person to fight and neither am I so that 's good."

Could you see yourself living with them in the future?

Peep- "Honestly yea, you guys are all pretty good to be around."

BBl- "Umm...I really don't know. Not even because of her but in general because I don't know what is going to happen"

Owlet- "I see myself living with you but maybe not some of our suite mates because they make the bathroom dirty. I really like them though and they are nice and fun to be around."

What was your original expectation when it came to having a roommate/suite mate?

Peep- "My mom said I would meet girls who would want to have sex in the room and be all boy crazy. i thought that sounded horrible"

BB- "I was nervous ... terrified. I was moving in with people I didn't know and I thought they wouldn't like me. I'm glad I was wrong."

Owlet- "My expectation was someone who is flexible and easy to talk to

Something that you want future dorm students to know.

Peep- "It's nothing like coming of age movies. People are not as wild as you think they are. Also, be open to new perspectives."

BB- "Don't be nervous and try to meet new people. You don't know how everything is going to work out"

You saw it here, this is what they think and feel. There are ups and downs to this. But really, if you find the right group of people, you might just get through your first year and come out with some amazing people as friends.

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