My first choice for an interview was the first person I saw when walking into the school, but I was told that New York City School Safety officers were not allowed to answer questions in an interview. I was directed to speak to the secretary who sits by the door and directs students, parents, and visitors as to where they need to go in the building. She also answers phone calls as they come through the switchboard. She asked that her name not be used for the purpose of this writing assignment. She had a lot to say regarding her responsibilities of her job, but not too much about the school itself. She did point out that she loves working at this school. She said she feels as though they have a family type atmosphere. Everyone is always smiling and willing to help another person. She said she sort of feels as though students are pretty checked out when they come to school. They say hello and smile, but many aren’t interested in doing classwork, but more interested in socializing with their friends. I have come to notice that this is partially true. It is hard to keep the kids engaged because they are always playing, roughhousing, or talking to their friends. Otherwise, they have a cell phone in their hand. The teachers, in my experience so far, are wonderful individuals. They really know their material and are passionate about teaching. Some seem to be disillusioned by the profession, which I assume is due to the students' behavior.