Interview With Palisades
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Interview With Palisades

Caught up with Palisades' vocalist Lou Miceli Jr. before their show with Starset in Tempe, Az.

Interview With Palisades
Jessica Wear

Palisades is quickly growing a reputation for one of the best live shows in the scene, and they keep busy. I sat down with Lou before their set at The Marquee to get caught up on everything they're working on.

The band has a bunch of projects going on right now- you just released a music video for Through Hell two days ago, what's the response you've gotten been like?

"It's been amazing. So, we actually recorded that video a while ago. It was, like, right after the One Ok Rock tour, right before we did Reading and Leeds- like a one day shoot real quick. We had been sitting on it for a while because we wanted to wait until we released the Jonathan Davis tour. Yeah, the response has been great- people really dig the video. It's cool because it was just, like, a quick little thing we did."

Was that a kind of project where everyone just decided they wanted to do something new?

"We just wanted, Letdown and Better Chemicals were shot in the same day. And then, you know, we released Letdown first, and then later on we did Better Chemicals, and then we knew, like, we had to release this other video eventually. So, we kind of just shot it. They had the whole, like, treatment done, like the whole idea for it, and we just did it because we knew eventually we'd have to put it out. It was cool."

Are we expecting a sequel? Because the ending is a little ambiguous.

"Yeah, well actually- technically, thats actually supposed to be a sequel of Better Chemicals. There might be another one coming to end it. End the trilogy. But right now- we're focused on so many things I don't even know whats going to happen right now."

Yeah, you've been on the road since January?

"Since way before that. I don't even know anymore. It was, like, One Ok Rock, to Reading and Leeds, those festivals that we did, Nothing More, Shiprocked, now we're on Starset, then we're going on Jonathan Davis. We don't stop man, we just keep on that grind. Then after that we go right into the studio."

I was told that you were still in the writing process for the album, so is it past that?

"We are always writing, so I think we're still in the writing process until we're done in the studio, you know? But, yeah we have a bunch of demos and stuff, and a shit ton of demos that we wrote at home. Definitely way more than enough to start recording. When you write music, like, you write and then it gets ripped apart, put together, pieces from other songs go to other songs, you know, it's a whole channeling thing. So, the best thing is just to come up with so much content."

Especially when you're writing at home, on the road, playing shows almost every night...

"Not enough hours in the day. There was a stint of, I think, two months where we were home for, like, a minute. That's where we did most of the writing, and then every time we were home since then we've just been back in the studio. All of us live right around the corner from each other, so we record at Xavier's house, like, our studio is there. We all live really close so it's easy to do."

At this point in touring you guys are pros at this, you're known for your performance, do you still have a pre-show ritual that you do or you just walk on?

"No, we always do a pre-show ritual. Right when our intro starts we all get in a circle and we do, like, a shaka the whole time, and like 'alright guys, show's gonna be sick, blah blah blah...' Hype each other up. It's like, whatever's going on that day- like when we had our stage manager Casey it was 'Alright Casey on three... one, two, three, CASEY!" If we were stoked about where we ate, "Portillos on three..." Or just something fucking stupid. Like, we usually say, "and stay out," just as an inside joke with all of our friends. Just dumb shit. Then just go on stage after that and just go kill it."

So, just whatever gets you hype.

"Whatever gets the mood going to get everybody excited to walk on stage."

Pretty sure it's working. Okay, Last one. If you went up to someone that had never heard of your band or your music or anything before, how would you describe it?

"The future."

(Mic drop).

Check out Palisades on tour with Jonathan Davis starting this April!

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