An Interview With Paper Trails
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An Interview With Paper Trails

First Interview With Many More To Come

An Interview With Paper Trails
Paper Trails

I totally Honored to be the first person to interview Paper Trails.

*Pats self on the back*


Q : Where did the name “Paper Trails” come from?

We came up with the name pretty much on the spot before getting on stage at our battle of the bands in high school. The name holds a lot more meaning now to us than it did when we came up with it. Every album we write will be a story. As we experience life, we think back on what we go through and write about it. It all starts with an idea then carries on from there. All things lead to a paper trail.

Q: How did you guys get your start in music?

A: Kelton encouraged me to pick up on playing guitar. He taught me some basics and then we got into writing with each other. Eventually we started a core band with our friends called Fame Over Infamy, in which we then began recording and playing shows in that project. The band ended up splitting and I continued jamming acoustically with Kelton.

Q: How long was the recording process for “Reinvented”?

A: We went into the studio with Justin Thomas at the end of 2014 and it took about a year to record. During that time, Justin influenced us to record bass and even played drums on the record, which helped us find a new sound for the songs we had written as a duo. Eventually the album got sent over to Ryan Harvey for mixing and mastering.Although the album took some time it wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for everyone's hard work.

Q : When did you realize that music was the path you wanted to take?

A: As soon as we started going to shows and playing in bands. We’ve enjoyed it since the beginning and learn from it every step of the way. From writing to recording and playing live, we feel inspired to continue doing what we love.

Q: Who or what inspired you and your music?

A : We take a lot of influence from the music we grew up on and the artists that seem like they’re always there for us. Old-school and modern pop punk bands mostly. Anything from Blink-182 to State Champs or The Story So Far. Although we are mainly influenced by these genres, the warm sound of the acoustics help convey the emotion behind the songs we write.

Q: What favorite things to do at Holiday season?

A: I spend a lot of time working, so while everyone is into the holiday spirit I kind of just like to rest. I'll pay video games, eat hot food, and sleep when I can. Kelton on the other hand usually wants to hang out in his free time. Although Kelton has to talk me into hanging out every now and then, spending time with friends and family is definitely our favorite thing.

Q : What other instruments are you good at playing ? If so do you plan on infusing them on the next album?

A : I mainly play guitar. I started out on electric and later on transitioned onto acoustic. Kelton, on the other hand plays bass and piano. We have actually started writing new material with electric guitar and piano. Since we have the full band now we plan on expanding our sound.

Q :Do have any plans yet for the next album?

A : The writing process has already begun and we’re currently deciding what we want to do next. Whether it’s an EP, full length, or split, we plan on taking our sound to greater heights. We are now starting to write parts as a group to come up with the best product for each song.

Q : What do you think are the ten greatest artist of all time?

A : Tristan: Blink-182, A Day To Remember, Eminem, Green Day, City Lights, Stick To Your Guns, Johnny Cash, Metallica, The Story So Far, Being As An Ocean.

Kelton: Yellowcard, New Found Glory, A Day to Remember, Blink-182, Marshmello, Dumbfoundead, Sum-41, Paramore, Escape the Fate, Good Charlotte.

Allen: Jay Z, J Cole, Devin da Dude, Jill Scott, The Roots, Snarky Puppy, Nurdy Tunes, B.On.It band/production, Blink-182, Paper Trails.

Jeremy: Enter Shikari, Area 11, Muse, Yellowcard, Volumes, Kid Cudi, Tennyson, Ookay, Keith Ape, Pvris.

Q : What were your thoughts while making this album?

A : It was a long process and we were getting antsy waiting for a finished product. It was frustrating because the process took so long. Being a new band trying to get an album out on our own introduced the reality of the hard work that goes into an album. It’s not an easy process. We started recording at a youth center in Gaithersburg and could only get a couple hours of studio time every week. We had difficulty recording with our time restraints. Eventually we finished the recording process with Justin, and decided to send it to Ryan for mixing/mastering. Hearing the progress in the mixes really made us excited because it was so different than what we originally had in our minds.

Q : How does it feel now playing with a full band? Normally it's just the both of you (Tristan and Kelton).

A : We met Jeremy and Allen last year and they started jamming with us after the album dropped. As a full band we naturally have the energy we tried to push as a duo. We are very excited to continue growing as a band.

Q : Break down the song “Eighteen Years” for us.

A: For eighteen years my mother raised me on her own. She tried searching for my father in the past, but never had any luck finding him. We ended up discovering him online after a night my mom had a dream about him. Come to find out he has a family of his own. We wrote this song right before I met him in person as I had a lot of mixed emotions at the time. I tell the story of my life without him and our foreseeable future with each other.

Q : Where do you see your band in the next ten years?

A : Progressing and growing a fanbase. Our goal is to be able to support ourselves with our music. Just like any other devoted artist, we would like the band to be our full time job.

Q :Do you have any tours or performances that you would like new and old fans to know about?

A : On January 28th we’ll be celebrating the release of our debut album “Reinvented” with a hand picked line up of friends. It’s a hometown show in Gaithersburg, MD at Raw Ink. We will be playing locally year round and plan to tour in the summer.

Q: Do you see yourself on a record label in the future? If so which one would you prefer?

A:We have done everything independently so far and haven’t thought much on a label. If a label were to support us, we would love to be signed to Pure Noise, Epitaph, or Fueled By Ramen with some of our favorite bands.

Q: What experience or experiences created “Tough Love”?

A: Before entering the studio my ex-girlfriend and I broke up. “Tough Love” was the final track written for the record. The song was originally written for her as I felt that she was the one for me. But later on, we decided to rework the song and change it to a story about love not always going both ways in a relationship.

You can pick up "Reinvented" here,



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