We connect in different ways with people. In friendships and relationships, we have our many connections based off of personalities, interests, and comfortability. We never know what is going to happen when we first meet someone. Sometimes you just click right away and sometimes you don't, but that's life. These connections that we build can take time or it could just be that you aren't compatible.

I love those moments where you meet someone and you instantly click. You just vibe off each other and it feels like you've known each other for a long time. That kind of chemistry and instant connection we feel with someone is the best kind because it kind of takes away the awkwardness and you can be your real self with them. It doesn't mean you have to pour out your heart and soul, but you just feel an energy that makes you want to know more.

It's that magnetic force, the click, as they say. You meet that person and you realize that you keep gravitating towards them. That little barrier is broken and you don't even know how you became so comfortable. When you speak and you have things in common, it brings you closer. I've met people where we connected but we didn't really have much in common nor did I know anything about them, but because I was so infatuated with their personality and the idea of them, it took some time to realize that there was no substance to our conversations and that we would be better off as friends.

I believe in vibes and I believe that when you "vibe" with someone, especially on an intellectual level, nothing compares to that and that's beautiful. That energy you feel doesn't lie. Listen to your intuition. Believe in your vibes and your heart. Allow yourself to feel those connections because those are the best kind.