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5 Must-Follow Female Fitness Accounts On Instagram

Search these names and hit that follow button for sweaty workouts!

5 Must-Follow Female Fitness Accounts On Instagram

Working out on your own might be tough when you don't have a personal trainer or have any knowledge of how to use the machines or simply squat correctly. Learning and applying the correct forms to your work out is extremely crucial. Not only would it reduce your chances of hurting yourself, but it would also target your muscles more effectively. Therefore, here are five female trainers to follow on Instagram for some guidance!

Whitney Simmons

With 2.1 million followers, Whitney is killing the game on and off the gram. She has awesome workouts for those looking to tone and strengthen their bodies. Catch her on Youtube and watch how she lives her healthy lifestyle!

Hanna Oberg

Let's take a trip to Germany to look at this next page! Hanna is a fitness junky and an entrepreneur. Her account contains videos that focus on upper body, lower body, and core workouts! Check out her fitness guides to build the booty!

SuzieB Fitness

SuzieB is also a fitness lover and entrepreneur. She is well known for her pistol squats and several workout plans! SuzieB recently came out with resistance bands sold for only $20! Are you also looking for current fashion trends? Follow her fashion account @suziebfashion.

Kathryn & Kendra

You might be wondering where the fifth listicle is, but it turns out... the account kk_fit_ are twins!! Kathryn and Kendra are identical twins that love to shred and bulk! They are both sponsored by PEscience and Gymshark. Check out their account for double the workout!

These six strong and beautiful women have worked so hard to have the results seen above and are still putting in extreme amounts of effort because it's a lifestyle. Let's not compare ourselves to their fitness journey, but incorporate their workouts so we can improve ours. Follow them for more tips and advice!

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