Meet NYU's Maria-Isabel Severino: Instagram Model And Singer
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Meet NYU's Maria-Isabel Severino: Instagram Model And Singer

Meet NYU's Maria-Isabel Severino: Instagram Model And Singer
Amanda Choy, 2015

Meet Maria-Isabel Severino. Studying Music Business and singer in the campus a cappella group, APC Rhythm, Severino isn't just a performer on stage.

Severino has over 7k followers on Instagram and her fan base is growing. After having a Dutch popstar find her through Instagram, her follower count has exploded. Dubbed the twin from abroad, the Dutch fan base has now latched onto Severino.

“I get comments in Dutch all the time," Severino joked.

Through Instagram, Severino posts clips of covers to promote her music. Social media has been one of the main tools in helping Severino get herself out there as a prospective artist. Besides Instagram, she also religiously posts new content to her Sound Cloud, gaining traffic and fans from there as well.

"With Sound Cloud and Instagram, there is a lot of exposure to different crowds of people and many people have found me that way," Severino said.

Besides gaining fans, Severino has also found professionals who have wanted to work with her from her content circulation. From people who want to do covers together to photographers asking for a photo shoot, Severino's Instagram messages are always brimming with project offers and inquiries.

"Being in NYC, I have met a lot of creative people and photographers through Instagram. For instance, I met Miranda Barnes and we worked together through Instagram and got some awesome shots. After posting that, I have had a lot of photographers reach out to me," Severino said.

While modeling and Instagram fame is a new piece to Severino's evolving story, her love for singing is an old friend.

"Singing started at home since I could form words. Growing up with a musical family, I naturally grew up with a love with for it," Severino said.

Severino looks to Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor to describe her music to anyone who's never heard it. It's almost always on the acoustic side of the spectrum and delivers soft, velvety vibes. Think Sam Smith meets Ingrid Michaelson on the streets of NYC and then they share a bottle of expensive rosé — romantic, unique, and infectious.

Now a member of the NYU a cappella group, APC Rhythm, Severino has taken advantage of the opportunities NYU and NYC has to offer.

"My first year here, I was very timid and I didn’t put myself out there," Severino said. "To start this semester, there was a Welcome Week Coffee House Night. The amount of people I met just through that was crazy. After that, I auditioned for an a cappella group, APC Rhythm."

Severino shows how powerful social media truly is. Her singing career was catalyzed because of the dedicated community formed through her Instagram and Sound Cloud. Beyond the simple act of double-tapping a photo or pressing play, she also shows just how unique and special NYU is.

Whether she becomes America's Next Top Model or the next Sam Smith, Severino is definitely going to be something great. And we personally cannot wait to see where she ends up taking her passions and talents.

Keep up with Severino on Instagram and Sound Cloud for announcements, new songs and more.

All photos by AMANDA CHOY.

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