What Your Go To Instagram Filter Says About You

For some Instagram users, choosing a filter quite simply entails scrolling their thumb to the left and trying out different filters until they grow bored. But, for others, their Instagram filter choice says more than even they know about the type of person they are. Are you quiet, laid back, and chill? Or are you craving being the center of attention? Your Instagram filter can reveal the true colors of your personality. Read through the descriptions of the filters listed below to find out which one (out of the four most popular filters,) you are.


The Valencia filter is basically like a rose petal mist for your Instagram pictures. It freshens any selfie up by casting a soft, candle - light glow that would make any liker swoon. If you are constantly choosing Valencia above all of the other possible top - ranking filters, you are probably the type of timid Instagrammer that does not want to be in anyones face. You are soft spoken, maybe even delicate in nature. You want people to know that you just got a new set of blonde highlights, but you don't want to scream it with a loud Lo - Fi filter. Stars like Beyonce and Miranda Kerr crave the light, soft, airy feeling that the Valencia filter gives to any photo.


Mayfair is the classic feminine mystique filter. If you are someone who adores the pink hints this filter brings, then you are a girly - girl at heart. You most likely have more pink in your closet than you would care to admit, and your favorite movie is probably Legally Blonde. Oh, and Reese Witherspoon's character in the film is "like basically," your role model. Stars like Taylor Swift almost exclusively use this filter for the way it drapes a light pink, angel - like glow over any user. The filter, sun kisses any selfie with a peachy and beach-y effortless glow. Mayfair is by far the most widely used filter by bloggers and celebrities alike - you can see how popular it is amongst celebrities with this fun graphic.


You can be sure to find an Instagram user who is obsessed with the Walden filter either surfing, lounging, or hiking. The person who uses this filter probably loves the sun, cannot stand the cold, and lives in or dreams of living on some warm island far, far away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. This filter is laid back in its essence, and simply adds a yellow glint to the photo it is applied to. Users who frequently apply the walden filter add a little bit of the calming sun that is their personality to their daily lives, as the filter adds sun to their pictures. If the walden filter had a theme song it would be Colbie Caillat's melodic and calming, "bubbly." Stars like Candice Swanepoel, who spend their free time in their quaint and sunny home towns frequent this sun - filled filter the most.


Instagram's "Amaro," filter conjures up a sort of lovely, romantic sense simply with its name. If your go to filter is amaro, you might just be the type of romantic that embodies the definition of "amore." The definition of amore is: "with love, devotion, or zest." The boys (or should I say men,) of One Direction almost exclusively use this filter, probably because they are a bunch of romantics that love the gentle sheen of perfection that this filter poses over any photograph. The amaro filter is slightly dramatic in the way it casts shadow and makes photos dark around the edges. Someone who uses amaro most frequently probably writes poetry or plays guitar. In short, if John Mayer had an Instagram filter solely made for him, it would have to be Amaro.

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