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6 Inspirational Quotes To Help You Survive These Final Few Weeks Of School

Summer is quickly approaching, and with this mindset, you will end this school year on a positive note.


Some weeks, an idea for an Odyssey article pops in my head right away and words start pouring. But, other weeks, the writer's block is so strong, and I can't think of an idea for my life. That was this week.

Going to friends for advice, one of them told me, "write what you need to hear," and that quote stuck with me. Thoughts and words filled my head of what I need to hear right now and made me realize that others do too. It made me think of everything I have accomplished so far, and what I have yet to do before this life-changing school year comes to a close.

With only two short weeks left before finals begin, we all need some inspiration to keep chugging along and pursuing our dreams. Say no more: these quotes will help you find the energy to finish this academic year strong, and even make you excited for the semesters to come.

1. "It is what it is. It was what it was. It will be what it will be. Don't stress."


You can't change the past. Plain and simple. Yes, it can be hard to accept, but it is important to realize that the future is bright, and only you can make the worst situations a little brighter.

2. "It is not your job to be everything to everyone."



It is easy to get caught up in trying to please everyone. It's a natural feeling that everyone wants to accomplish because, well, you end up pleasing yourself when you please someone. But, it is so important to remember that life does not work like that, and not everything will always be in your favor, but pushing forward and remembering that is key. You can not please everyone.

3. "Don't let the bad days make you think you have a bad life."

Bad Day quote

Everyone has their bad days. Sometimes it's hard to tell since it's easy to go to class and fake a smile or post fun, sunny pictures on Instagram. It is important to remember that just because you're having a bad day doesn't mean you're the only one who is. Chances are, someone down the hall is struggling today too and just remember that you will get through it because there's a bright path ahead just waiting for you to explore it.

4. "She overcame everything that was meant to destroy her."

She overcame

This is important to remember... you can do it. You will get over this mountain, and continue to push others. Challenges are placed into your life just so you can prove to the world that you have the ability to conquer anything thrown at you.

5. "Whatever you are looking for is looking for you too."

Looking for quote

Think and reflect on your goals in life. Maybe you want to be Google's next CEO, or a top performing doctor, maybe even the starring role in a Broadway musical. Whatever that "thing" is, it is waiting for you too and just looking for someone as powerful as you to do big things.

6. "Remember why you started."


It's easy to complain about life in the present. "Ugh, this essay is taking me forever, why is this class even important" or "It's so hot out, why did I decide to run today," but think about the reason behind your action to begin with. Remember your senior year of high school, and the joy and excitement that filled your soul when you clicked the "commit" button for college. You worked so hard to get where you are today, and your younger self is so proud. Remember why you started, and where you want to go. And you'll get there.

You are strong and powerful and have all the power in the world to go big. These last two weeks of the school year will be crazy, let's not sugarcoat it, but with bright thoughts, it will be a little easier. Before you know it, we will be driving down open roads with the windows down and music on, going to the beach with a good book, sitting inside on the rare rainy days and binging Netflix. Time is going to fly, so enjoy the present and look forward to the future.

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I Don't Care How Hard Your Major Is, There Is No Excuse Not To Have A Job While In College

If the name on your credit card does not match the name on your birth certificate, then you really need to re-evaluate your priorities.


We seem to live in a generation where everyone wants to go to college.

It is nice to see that people want to invest in their education, but at what expense? It's easy to commit to a school, and it is even easier to get yourself and your parents into thousands of dollars of debt because you're "living your best life."

To me, it's pathetic if you're over the age of eighteen and you don't have some sort of income or responsibilities outside of homework and attendance. The old excuse, "I want to focus on school," is no longer valid. You can get all A's while having a job, and that has nothing to do with intelligence, but rather your will to succeed. "I don't have time for a job/internship," translates to, "I'm really lazy,".

You don't need to overextend yourself and work forty hours a week, but you should at least work summers or weekends. Any job is a good job. Whether you babysit, walk dogs, work retail, serve tables or have an internship. You need to do something.

"My major is too hard," is not an excuse either. If you can go out on the weekends, you can work.

The rigor of your major should not determine whether or not you decide to contribute to your education. If the name on your credit card does not match the name on your birth certificate, then you really need to re-evaluate your priorities.

Working hard in school does not compensate for having any sense of responsibility.

I understand that not everyone has the same level of time management skills, but if you truly can't work during the school year, you need to be working over the summer and during your breaks. The money you make should not exclusively be for spending; you should be putting it towards books, loans, or housing.

Internships are important too, paid or not.

In my opinion, if you chose not to work for income, you should be working for experience. Your resume includes your degree, but your degree does not include your resume. Experience is important, and internships provide experience. A person working an unpaid internship deserves the same credit as a student working full/part-time.

Though they are not bringing in income for their education, they are gaining experience, and opening up potential opportunities for themselves.

If you go to college just to go to class and do nothing else, then you don't deserve to be there. College is so much more than just turning in assignments, it is a place for mental and academic growth. You need to contribute to your education, whether it is through working for income or working for knowledge or experience.

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To The Adults Still Trying To Get Their Lives Together

We'll all get there eventually.


Someone, please tell me I am not alone.

22 years old, 4 years of college and still no degree, living at home.

So while all your friends and family are getting their degrees, all you can think is "Will that ever be me?" You slowly start to lose hope and question everything.

While all your friends seem to be getting their shit together, all you wonder is "When will that be me?"

But listen, I know there is still some hope in there, so don't lose it quite yet.

I have learned as long as you are working hard on your goal, as long as you are working towards it, you're doing a great job.

Think about it this way. Would you regret it if you caved and gave up, or think about where you might be if you didn't give up? You still have plenty of time to change your mind over and over, just don't give up.

No one said this whole adulting thing would be easy, but did they ever really prepare us for it?

We come into being an adult and we are expected to figure out thousands of things, not really knowing how it is going to affect us. It's a bunch of going left after taking a right. It's going to 2 or more colleges just trying to figure out where you fit in or changing your major a handful of times just because you thought you liked something.

It's living at home because you are still trying to figure out this big world while working and/or attending school. Then it's learning who is really your support system.

So we learn this world is a mess and unfortunately, we are not handed a learning manual.

There will come times where you question everything, thinking everything you are doing is a mess, but our lives are not perfect so yeah, we know we are a mess.

To to the messes like me. Keep working hard- it will all come together, even if it isn't in the timing you want it to.

Don't lose hope, just keep bettering yourself and learning, because what else can you really do?


An Adult Slowly Figuring Things Out

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