When you hear Nick Saban, what do you think of? He's rude, mean, and selfish? Or how about how he is, in a way, sassy towards sideline reporters after games? Well believe it or not, here are 10 quotes from the legend himself that are guaranteed to get you through your week.

1. "I don't like to lose. I don't expect to lose."

Inspiring. Straight to the point. Typical Nick Saban.

2. "I'm not going to. So quit askin'."

Maybe Saban was a little rude after the Alabama/Louisville game on September 1. But all-in-all, we've all been there before and can relate to him on this level. Like when your professor asks you to do something you know you're not going to do. Yep.

3. "Get this bottle to respond to it, because I don't know anything more. You can ask the bottle, but don't ask me."

*Starts writing an essay.*

*Must be 2,000 words*

*Only has 300 words so far*

*Insert quote*

4. "You all may be taking off this week. But I'm not."

Whenever I want to skip my 8 a.m., I hear Nick Saban saying this in my head. Then I get up and go to class.

5. "There are two pains in life. The pain of discipline and the pain of disappointment. If you can handle the pain of discipline, then you'll never have to deal with the pain of disappointment." 

As in, embrace the pain of homework now, then you won't have to face disappointment (failure).

6. "I don't care what you did yesterday. If you're happy with that, you have bigger problems."

Nick Saban is more of a "in the now" type of person. Whatever you did yesterday doesn't matter. You're living today now.

7. "Be on time because it shows you care"

8 a.m. class means 8 a.m., ladies and gentlemen.

Not 8:15.

Not 8:30.

8 a.m.

8. "I think I'm pretty misunderstood, because I'm not just about football."

Many people see Nick Saban during interviews or post-game conferences and assume he's a mean, football guy. When actually he's like us. Just a person.

9. "It doesn't matter what your ranked until the end."

Another typical Nick Saban quote. Either you're number-one or nothing.

10. "Roll tide."

These two words always help me get through my week. I hope they help you too.

At the end of the day, Nick Saban can enlighten your week by the actual encouraging things he says or by the outrageous, hilarious things he says. He's one of the most important people in the Alabama football world, and hopefully, you can see why.