Why [Insert Candidate Here] Should Be President
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Why [Insert Candidate Here] Should Be President

Sometimes you need to consider both sides.

Why [Insert Candidate Here] Should Be President
Northwest Liberty News

You must be ridiculously uninformed to vote for Trump.

You must be ridiculously uniformed to vote for Hillary.

Trump has told lie after lie!

Hillary has told lie after lie!

Trump claimed that the real unemployment rate was 42 percent, when it was really significantly lower.

Hillary said that she neither sent nor received classified information on her email server. It later came out that she had done just that, and put lives in danger while she was at it.

Trump stood by his statement that there was cheering from the side of New Jersey with a heavy Arab population at 9/11, but that claim was debunked by Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and local police.

Hillary claimed that the Benghazi attack was retaliation for an anti-Muhammad video. However, she later told Hisham Qandil that she knew the attack had nothing to do with the video, but failed to tell the American public.

Trump retweeted wildly inaccurate statistics saying that 81 percent of homicides with white victims were committed by black people. The FBI lists this number closer to 15 percent.

Hillary claimed she landed under fire in Bosnia. She didn’t.

Trump truly cares about the American people!

Hillary truly cares about the American people!

Trump has actually created 34,000 jobs for the American people, instead of making empty promises.

Hillary went to work for Edelman’s Children’s Defense Fund after graduating from Yale because she cared about the children of America, even though she could have potentially had a higher paying job elsewhere.

Trump is a phony conservative!

Hillary is a phony liberal!

Trump has spoken out in favor of abortion in an interview with the late Tim Russert.

Hillary has stated that she thinks “marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman,” and has rejected the idea of same-sex marriages in favor of a civil union.

Trump is the clear option for the 2016 presidential election!

Hillary is the clear option for the 2016 presidential election!

Trump 2016! Make America great again!

Hillary for America! I'm with her!

Sometimes we only consider one side, the side we believe. We ignore and ridicule the other side and the people who believe that way. It's important to hear both sides, and to consider why people might believe differently than you. It's how we learn new things.

*disclaimer: this article is not being offered up for the truth of the matter, but rather to showcase what the opposing sides are thinking.

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