Ariana Grande's new song "Thank U, Next" has me feeling a little inspired. We all have those pesky inner critics that bring us down. I'm here to tell you to kick yours to the curb as well.

Dear Inner Critic,

It's time to talk. I think it is best to part our ways. I know you think you're helping me, but you are not.

You want to keep me safe by locking me into a comfort zone where I can stay untouched and cozy. Well, I am tired of being stuck there. I want to explore the world and accomplish so much. All you ever do is hold me back and make me question myself.

Overthinking is what you have taught me to do best.

I am tired of not doing things I want to do because you make me think I will fail or embarrass myself. I refuse to sit and watch from the sideline with you any longer. I am good enough, whether you think so or not.

I do not need you to compare me to anyone. Not to those Instagram models or my friends… NO ONE. I am me, so accept that! My life is great and I am sick of wishing I had other people's.

I get it, I should have studied harder for that test, but there is no reason to beat me up over it.

And oh well if I didn't make it to the gym last week! You need to realize I am just fine as myself and your annoying comments only tear me down. I mean, I don't even remember asking you your opinion, but you seem to LOVE giving it!

I know we have been together for a long time so I don't want to leave you on completely bad terms. I will tell you "thank you" because you've taught me a lot. You've helped me to keep my expectations of myself high, but I don't need you for that anymore. I know what I need to do to be successful without your stress.

You've helped me pick out every single flaw, but now I love them. You've helped me realize I need to grow and change, but not for others like you think. I can do what I want without the fear of you. So with all of that, you are cut off.

Thank u, next.

Love, Sophia