The time I sprained my ankle, bruised my legs, and shattered my phone one day during camping
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The time I sprained my ankle, bruised my legs, and shattered my phone one day during camping

Note to self: Don't go hiking on rocks

The time I sprained my ankle, bruised my legs, and shattered my phone one day during camping

This past weekend I went on my annual camping trip with my friends and our families to this cute little Yogi bear campsite. I had gone to this site before when I first went camping, but I think I had I better luck at that time than this time. Shall we begin the story? Got your popcorn? Great! Let's get started!

On Friday afternoon we reached the campsite eager to eat and put up our tent before the storm. For some reason everything felt different, perhaps it was because the camp had added a new waterslide or that we little group has grown up since our first-time camping. We all have matured.

So Friday evening, we walked around the camp and played catch up conversations with each other over homemade pasta and garlic bread. Friday wasn't terrible, but I could feel the energy draining out me quickly.

Saturday morning, I woke up to the sound of my stomach grumbling, my dog cuddling me and the loud chatter of my family friends. I was also awake due to the lack of sleep on Friday night. I had a fear of bugs being everywhere (thinking they were on my pillow) and barely slept. But hey, it's a new day.

Saturday afternoon, we went go off on our adventure to a hiking trail that my dog is allowed on. It's total a 2 to 3-hour trail and has a beautiful sight of the clouds at the top. Halfway the trail a majority of our group turned back around. However, my group of friends and I plus some of the adults continued on the trail. Eventually, we reached the top, exhausted. But it was a beautiful sight of the clouds for about 30 seconds.

Finally, we left to go back down which was a hurdle for me. I tend to have a clumsy foot, so every step I took was careful and slow. Eventually, our group for the others and I was left with my dad and one of his friends. About midway, I tripped on some rocks spraining my ankle and bruised my legs. However, I was determined to finish the trail. I felt like I needed to prove that I can do it and that I wasn't weak. But throughout the trail, dark thoughts kept approaching my mind. I was slow, and all my peers were faster. If I was in better shape, I could go at a similar pace as them.

I have always been shameful and disappointed at my weight and body, but that's a story for another day. Eventually, we reached the others, and I felt tired, hungry and in need of a shower. Everyone was congratulating and saying I showed such determination for finishing the trail even though half our group had left midway. During the car ride, I was too tired to think if they were right.

In the evening, I cleaned myself up and was playing Ga-Ga ball with my friends. During one point I checked my phone, and in disbelief I found it shattered into my jacket's pocket. The phone was still accessible, but the screen was messed up and since it was glass I was afraid to use it or that it would be entirely shattered if it fell, it was pretty fragile. (But I finally got it fixed so yay for good news.)

Sunday morning, I woke up to my best friend (shoutout to Mahima) telling me that everyone was leaving and packing and that I was the last one to wake up. My whole body was in pain but I was ready to go home.

This camping trip overall was definitely a memorable one and can't wait for next year's adventure. #AmbiAdventures

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