5 Inexpensive Ways To Self-Indulge And De-Compress
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5 Inexpensive Ways To Self-Indulge And De-Compress

Sometimes its the simple pleasures that bring great joy.

5 Inexpensive Ways To Self-Indulge And De-Compress
Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

Life can get busy and get exhausting sometimes. At times it seems to be moving a hundred miles an hour and you can't find any free time to just relax and take a moment to de-compress. While everyone wishes they had time and money go get a message or go on a weekend vacation, it is not always feasible. So to feel rejuvenated from your stress, treat yourself to some of this simple products.

Mask up with a single use face mask!

face mask


These easy 15 minute masks are a great way to show your skin that it matters and also give you some time to close your eyes and relax. And just for $3! (Tip: put the mask in fridge before uses to have a cooling/anti-aging effect!)

Grab a seasonal coffee or pastry!

For those of you who usually eat at home for breakfast and get coffee from the grocery store, go indulge yourself with a made to order coffee or a warmed pastry at a local bakery/coffee house for less than $10!

Lush bath bombs during your evening soak!

These luxurious bath bombs for under $10 are the perfect way to de-compress after a long day. Breathe in those amazing aromas and re-hydrate your skin!

Listen to podcasts in the car!

A great way to feel relaxed while listening to your favorite podcasters talk. For anyone with an Apple phone or a podcast app you can listen to these episodes for free!

Go out for ice cream!

Going out for ice cream is a easy and tasty way to take your mind off of your stress and just take in the moment of who you are with and the simplicity of enjoying a sweet treat. For under $5 you can indulge yourself!

For just a few dollars you can go try one or even all of these simple pleasures to relax and self-indulge yourself. While these are just a few ideas, there are plenty more ways to take a moment for you! But take these as a starting point and go forward from there! Try one thing a week and see what brings you the most joy! It could be a sweet treat or finding out that you are obsessed with podcasts, that is up to you. Whatever it may be, enjoy!

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