Basic Necessities Take Advantage

As citizens of one of the best nations on earth, where everything comes accessible to us easily, we Americans often just throw away some of the biggest necessities of our life. Reading up on conflicts in Sudan, the DRC, India, or any third-world nation just puts in perspective how much our lives are different from those in the less fortunate areas. We just fail to accept that other people are struggling and that they need our help to improve their lives so that they may learn to move on from these challenges.

Broadband/Internet Connection

I know I am a big abuser of this. WiFi has been my best friend since I could get my hands on my moms iPhone 3G and used it to play simple games. Now it's what I use to send Snapchats or to scroll through Instagram. What I forget is that most kids can't even imagine of using this. This is a secondary thought to them.

A Clean Bed

After a long day at school, all I want to do is come home and jump into my bed so that I can get some sleep. In some third world countries, however, people do not even have access to one bed per family and rather sleep on the floor so that they may conserve money. It only makes me realize how much distance I have between these people and how much my life is a gift.


Sometimes, all the resources might be in place but this one. In some places, students do not have a ride to the bus stop or even the school itself because it might be too far or the parents might simply not have the time to drop their kids to the school due to the far location. This is in comparison to us, where we have a bus ready to take us from and to the school twice a day.

Proper Healthcare

This is one of the most obvious but the recent reports show that half the world does not have access to healthcare. This becomes even more of an issue when it must be noticed that a lot of the world might not access to healthcare, and not all of that healthcare may be good. This is especially a real struggle for people who are facing cardiovascular disease or cancer.


I think its a failure on the part as humans as the most essential liquid to man is just running out on earth. Recently, Cape Town was projected to run out of water, but the news spread quickly and drinking water was instantly sent to them. Why can we not do this in places were people might need it as much as or more than Cape Town? There are just as many people struggling, yet we fail to take action.

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