10 IU Student Clubs That Are Really More Like Cults
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10 Cults Rumored To Be Operating On IU's Campus, From Greek Life To Kids From 'The Region'

You know what I'm talking about.


Every school has their own "cults." You know what I'm talking about. Not like real cults in weird sacrificial rituals and polygamy way, but in the way that these groups are so tight-knit that you would never try to break them up. You can spot a member from this cult a mile away. You can often tell what cult a person belongs to by their clothes, the way they talk, what classes they take, or what clubs they belong to.

We all belong to some type of cult at one point or another. Here are some of the most well-known cults at IU:

Greek life

This includes current Greek life as well as ex-tri delts and frats banished to Smallwood.

IUDM people

Link in bio!

Kids from Carmel

More like high school round two for these students.

Kids from "The Region"

"I'm from Chicago but my license is from Indiana."

Kelley boners

We get it. You were a direct admit. I-core is hard. No one cares.

Freshmen who live in Northwest

McNutt, Foster, or Briscoe? Take your pick. Either way, we get it, you drink.

International students 

Likely to be seen smoking cigs outside Wells or driving a luxury car.


Will be spotted traveling in herds wearing more IU gear than freshmen at orientation.

Little 500 bikers

The reason for the season! We are grateful for your handwork all year long so we can party for a week straight before finals.

Jacobs School of Music students

Can be found singing opera on their way to class or living in Forest.

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