Indecisive Decision Making

Indecisive Decision Making

When there are so many decisions to make and you don't know what to do, neither do I!


In this world, especially America, there are so many everyday choices we are to make as people with free-will. These choices pop up over and over and over again. Things such as what should I wear today, who should I hang out with, where should we go to eat (guys especially hate when girls don't know how to answer this one), how many donuts should I eat, should I work out or should I not (if you ate too many donuts, this may be an easy answer), should I take my dog on a walk...the list goes on. These questions come about every single day, and yet, we never seem to know how to answer them.

Then, there are bigger things to worry about. Like, what new car should I buy, what phone should I get, what company do I use for (insert thing), what college should I go to, do I buy a house or rent an apartment then what apartment or house should I get? These decisions are even more complex than the everyday silly problems that come about.

Recently, I encountered a problem. My car was about to bite the dust, practically a ticking time bomb really. It had issues, but I gotta give it props. My car had 282,000 miles on it. That's right folks, two hundred eighty two THOUSAND. (BTW... picture on the right, not my actual car.) This meant that I had to embark on a new adventure and find a car that could get me places without the forever fear of getting stranded.

This created all kinds of decision making problems. We came about the issue of what kind of car do I want? What color do I want my car to be? Or do I even care? What make do I want my car to be? What insurance company am I going to use? How much can I afford to spend on a car? Who do I talk to from here? I felt as if one decision just led to more and more decisions to make. These events left me wishing that I was only trying to choose how many donuts I should or shouldn't eat.

I would like to claim that it got easier from there, but it didn't. The decisions just kept on coming, and after making a decision, there is always that doubt that it was the wrong one. Ultimately, I decided it doesn't really matter. Yes, decisions are important. Maybe you shouldn't eat 3 donuts, and maybe you should workout today. And maybe this insurance company is better than the other, and maybe that outfit looks bad on you.

I have an insight to all of the doubts that cross your mind, however. Does the decision you're making today really matter in the grand scheme of life? If it does, talk to Jesus about it. If it doesn't, then just choose one, especially if the decision is only affecting you. If it's affecting many people, then realize they don't actually care if they are asking you. If they do, they will give their own opinion. And girls, just tell the man where you want to eat! It's not that difficult!!!!!

Other than that, I haven't actually figured out how to make decisions quicker. I wish someone would let me in on that. From one indecisive person to another, may we all figure it out together.

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