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In The Flow

In the world of the increasingly more main stream spirituality movement, being "in the flow" is a very common phrase derived from our need to accept what is by being presently open to that which is presenting itself. Being "in the flow" is something not to be taken lightly yet at first glance it seems elementary when compared to something like the Pungu Mayurasana-Wounded Peacock yoga pose (which looks like an extraordinary feat of balance, strength, and athleticism). Since our first steps on this earth we are taught that hard work, accompanied with having a solid plan for the future are two key elements that will surely garner of success. The ideology that hard-work is the only way to accomplish great feats of the will is something that is seemingly embedded in our DNA so much so that we feel guilty if we receive something that wasn't labored for. The simply act of allowing is at the foundation of being in the flow and it is something that appears to go against everything that we have ever been taught.

All you have to do is let go. Due to the way we operate in our day to day lives we are under the impression that we are in complete and utter control of every aspect of our lives. The truth behind that illusion is that we are in control of nothing. What is meant to be shall surely be, each and every time. Letting go means above all trusting that process. Letting go means knowing that everything is being taken care of by the universal forces that love and admire us. Letting go means trusting that a change in life only means that better things are manifesting for us. Take a moment and think of the worst thing that has ever happened to you in your life. Whatever it may be, at one point you may have thought to yourself that the turmoil, pain, hurt, or depression you found yourself swimming in would overwhelm and drown you sucking you down to the bottom of a dark and lonely existence. Yet as the skies cleared and the rain stopped, somewhere down the line you found a smile on your face again and love in your heart! Going with the flow means that when those obstacles appear in our life we smile and give appreciation to them, for we must know that everything we experience is ultimately leading us to more wisdom, more love, a greater sense of bravery, more understanding, and more strength.

Being in the flow may be the easiest hardest practice you find yourself undertaking. On one hand all you have to do is let go of whatever your preconceived notion of how you think things should be is, while allowing things to unfold however they choose to. On the other hand you have to trust that things are working out perfectly, beyond contradictory physical manifestations. For example when observing the process a seed must undergo to become a flower, the initial unfolding seems to the observer as total chaos and destruction, and yet without this period in the evolution of the seed, the seed will fail to reach its full potential as a flower and blossom. Not knowing what lies beyond the seemingly destructive period, an observer of the seed may choose to halt that which is viewed as painful, failing to understand that this period is the dawn of a new and spectacular life for the seed.

Being in the flow is hard because you must trust beyond what is may currently being revealed, knowing that everything is ultimately for the better-meant of everyone involved. When you reach this point of knowing, life becomes much more peaceful. In the midst of a storm while others are in distress you can act as a foundation, responding in a crisis with a simple, "it's going to be alright." These words hold so much power because they come from a place of knowing. Knowing that you are loved, knowing that you are adored, knowing that you are protected, knowing that everything that presents itself in your life is a gift, is your job in this practice of (Being in the Flow).

You my friend are loved far beyond measure and if you can trust in that little by little, step by step, your faith will be rewarded ten fold. So I leave you with one of my favorite quotes that has helped me dearly on my own journey...

"Let go of what was, Accept what is, and have faith in what will be"


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