"Monsters don't sleep under your bed, they sleep in your head" - Unknown

Quite recently I started to have more and more stress/anxiety during the latter parts of the day, which would eventually prevent me from falling asleep later at night because I would assume it would even out upon awaking in the morning. Though sleep has helped dissipate milder feelings for me, stress/anxiety tended to carry over into the night and the next day. The emotions that I kept with me continued to fester as I prioritized waking up early for the next day instead of my overall mental health.

At my breaking point, I had a truth bomb dropped on me by a friend and barely slept the entire night. I was completely in shock over what he had told me, and simply didn't know what to think or say at the moment. He meant so much to me, and it was difficult to hear what he had to tell me. I knew that if I laid in bed for tomorrow that I would wake up worse than I went to sleep, still with all of these thoughts bouncing across my mind, unresolved.

Here's what I had to remind myself of: 1) my mental health is my top priority, 2) I can take as much time as I need to myself to think and process what happened, and 3) I can deal with this if I allow myself the time and space. Then I let myself simply exist alone in my bedroom, doing what I needed to do to feel better. For example, I let myself take the time to journal about the experience, engaged in deep breathing exercises, stretched, and reminded myself that I would be completely okay.

Whatever is on your mind doesn't necessarily have to consume your tomorrow. Think of a plan for how to deal with the issue, whether emotional and/or problem-solving techniques to at least minimize the emotions you're feeling at the moment. What steps do you have to take to resolve this issue? How can you rethink what happened to keep moving forward? Jot down some ideas so you can look back at them later on.

Drink a glass of water or some hot tea. Walk around your living space for a bit. Write a list about what you're looking forward to, either tomorrow or sometime in the future, where even the smallest things count.

A good night's sleep is essential for all of us, and it can be hard to achieve that when you have too much else taking up your headspace. Believe in yourself that even for this short period of time, you can alleviate some of your stress/anxiety, and have better sleep and mood for the day ahead.