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Important Aspects to improve in rocket league

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Important Aspects to improve in rocket league
Allan Perez

Everyone who plays Rocket League wants to improve and get better to rank up. Some people choose to focus on freestyling or doing flashy offense. However, that is not the right way to approach improving, you have to focus on mechanics and car control. This can be confusing some new players so, this is my guide on what to focus and explaining briefly about each one. Videos will be included that explain better and shows how to practice each one.

Car Mechanics

Car mechanics are a basic and important staple in the game. Mechanics in the game include shooting, clearing, defense, dribbling, and others. I suggest using the game's tutorials for shooting and goalie. Work your way from rookie to all-star. It's always good to practice in free play or using training packs. This will allow you to improve on your shooting, movement, and defense. An example of important mechanic is the use of the half-flip which is a faster way to turn around when rushing back into defense. Another example is wave dashing that allows you to gain more speed without using the boost at all.


Positioning is another important aspect of the game for Ranked games. Positioning in Rocket League consists of a 2-1 formation with 2 players in front and one in the back. The two players in front divide the task of centering or making a passing play to the other. When one fails the other rotates and assumes that role while the third assumes the role of the support. This is central to the game and something that everyone in the higher ranks understands. Included is a SunlessKhan video that explains and visualizes positioning and rotation.

Aerial Control

Aerial Control is the ability to control your car throughout the air and it allows you to defend the air and offense. Improving in this allows you to be able to block and clear the ball away from your side without allowing a fault in the defense. Another positive side is to be able to score a really cool air dribble or just lure the opponents out to stop you, this would allow your team to have a better advantage to score. In the video above Kevpert does a wonderful job of explaining and giving good tips.


Defense is obviously an important part because to win you have to defend your net with saves, clears and challenging your opponent offense. This video is from a champ 2 player but there are other videos about defense but they are outdated. This video is more up to date with the current skills and the ability of rocket league today. However, the video describes the basics and a bit info behind the defense and describes tips.

It is important to practice these aspects of the game because it allows you to be a better player. Not only that but they're also connected to each other and is needed to do offense, defense, and cool flashy plays. Who knows maybe one day you too can become a pro player. If any of these videos helped you then subscribe to any of the YouTubers linked!

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