Being a college student is hard enough, but there are many important things you should never forget. To me, these are the top 8 things every college student should know and never forget.

1. You are not your GPA

This is one of the most important things every college student needs to hear. You are not a number on a 4.0 scale. You are not any less because a teacher threw a minus sign behind that A you deserved. Yes, GPA matters, but that B will not be the end of you or your worth. Say it with me: "I am not my GPA and my GPA does not define me."

2. Your mental health matters

Feel exhausted or overwhelmed? Take a break, overworking or burning yourself out does nothing for you. Need a weekend off from hanging with friends? Understandable, take a weekend or two for yourself. Your mental health comes before that grade, before that group of friends, and even that shift you have scheduled at work.

3. Naps are not nonsense

Let me start by saying I am a loyal napper. Naps are a way to rejuvenate yourself. Sometimes just taking a minute to yourself isn't enough and naps may be the best solution for you. A 30-minute nap does wonders!

4. Check in with your friends

This is one tip that is always a work in progress for me. Going to different schools does not mean friendships have to end. Communication is key to all friendships, especially when you have a few more miles in the way than usual. You are not responsible for your friends, but you are responsible for playing your part in a relationship.

So stop overthinking! No matter if they reached out to you recently, you miss them or just want to know how they're doing, reach out!

5. Self-care is the best care

Emphasis on the "best" care! No one is asking you to be superhuman, and even if they are, retire your cape and take a day to yourself. Your glass is only as full as you make it. If you pour too much out to others without keeping some love or time for yourself, your glass will be empty.

Invest in yourself. Find a new skincare routine, try that new restaurant you have been eyeing, go see that movie you have been waiting for to come out. Do things for yourself and your benefit. You are the only version of you that there will ever be, so why not make it the best version?

6. You do not have to do everything, but care about the things you do 

Why do something if you don't care about it? No one can give the effort for you. If there is anything in this world you want to do but feel you can't, make a list of your top five reasons you can't do it and then find the ways to make it happen! Everything you do represents you, so put your best foot forward in life. Show up and show out.

7. Social media is not your life

Without a doubt, every college student has used some form of social media. Maybe you even found this article scrolling through one of your accounts. Well, I am here to remind you that social media is not the center of the universe. There is a world out here! Plenty of people to meet, a whole chain of restaurants left to try, even a whole load of sights to see. Live outside the screen!

8. Breathe and enjoy the journey

College can be some of the best years of your life if you let them. Enjoy the good days and take a lesson from the bad ones. Every day is a new day, so enjoy and create your own college experience!