Constitutional Law.

When people hear those words, what follows is probably another string of boring words that somehow relate. I am here to tell you how constitutional law is most definitely not boring, and really important.

Courses on constitutional law are taught at universities all over the country. If you have the chance, take the class. You will be shocked at everything you learn. I myself am a Political Science minor at Temple University, so a constitutional law course was right up my alley of important things to learn. If you're taking a good course, you'll learn how to examine Supreme Court cases and read the decisions and make sense of them. Many people believe that the decisions the Supreme Court makes don't directly affect them, but it could not be more opposite. Constitutional law is part of our every day lives. In examining court decisions and the amendments of the Constitution itself, you'll begin to understand just how much is behind that very old document.

Not only is it important to fully understand your rights as a citizen of the United States, but it is also incredibly important to understand the stipulations of those all-important rights that we as citizens hold so dear.

Additionally, you may be able to understand those Law and Order: SVU episodes even better - and explain them to your friends.