Around five years ago one of TV's greatest underrated comedies “Parks and Recreation” aired one of its most iconic episodes of the entire series “Pawnee Rangers.” The main plot of the episode focuses on a face off between Ron and Leslie and their respective scouting troops (Ron’s Pawnee Rangers and Leslie’s Pawnee Goddesses). But in the first subplot we as viewers are blessed to discover Tom and Donna’s special Treat Yo Self day, in which they go all out with spa treatments, food, clothes, fragrances, and anything else they want no matter how silly or frivolous. The idea was so popular with fans that in its final season “Parks and Recreation” had a second episode that featured a Treat Yo Self day, this time in Beverly Hills.

While this subplot was ridiculously entertaining, there is also something to learn from it.Treat Yo Self teaches us the value of being good to ourselves. It lets us know that it’s okay to put yourself first. Life can be crazy at any given time, trying to balance all things you’re supposed to do with what you want to do. Then there's the curveballs life throws at you, like illness, relationship problems, and big deadlines, all things that can really drag you down. Because of all this chaos it is important to remember that you are important too.

While it is OK to treat yourself sometimes, it doesn’t mean you have to have a full on extravaganza like Tom and Donna. It means reading that extra chapter of a book before bed, re-watching your favorite movie just because you love it so much, skipping the gym to lay in bed just once, finally finishing those last five episodes of that show you were watching on Netflix six months ago, having that extra cupcake because, well you deserve it.

Treating yourself comes in all shapes and sizes; maybe it’s taking better care of yourself, treating yourself to some fruit instead of a chocolate bar, or to a walk around the park, to a bubble bath or an extra-long shower. It’s getting a manicure for the hell of it, or changing the color of your hair to try something new and cool.

Treat Yo Self is a way of life, one that we need to remember more often. Even the smallest things can bring us great happiness and lead to a life better lived and enjoyed.