The Importance Of Treat Yo Self

The Importance Of Treat Yo Self

Sometimes it’s OK to put yourself first.

Around five years ago one of TV's greatest underrated comedies “Parks and Recreation” aired one of its most iconic episodes of the entire series “Pawnee Rangers.” The main plot of the episode focuses on a face off between Ron and Leslie and their respective scouting troops (Ron’s Pawnee Rangers and Leslie’s Pawnee Goddesses). But in the first subplot we as viewers are blessed to discover Tom and Donna’s special Treat Yo Self day, in which they go all out with spa treatments, food, clothes, fragrances, and anything else they want no matter how silly or frivolous. The idea was so popular with fans that in its final season “Parks and Recreation” had a second episode that featured a Treat Yo Self day, this time in Beverly Hills.

While this subplot was ridiculously entertaining, there is also something to learn from it.Treat Yo Self teaches us the value of being good to ourselves. It lets us know that it’s okay to put yourself first. Life can be crazy at any given time, trying to balance all things you’re supposed to do with what you want to do. Then there's the curveballs life throws at you, like illness, relationship problems, and big deadlines, all things that can really drag you down. Because of all this chaos it is important to remember that you are important too.

While it is OK to treat yourself sometimes, it doesn’t mean you have to have a full on extravaganza like Tom and Donna. It means reading that extra chapter of a book before bed, re-watching your favorite movie just because you love it so much, skipping the gym to lay in bed just once, finally finishing those last five episodes of that show you were watching on Netflix six months ago, having that extra cupcake because, well you deserve it.

Treating yourself comes in all shapes and sizes; maybe it’s taking better care of yourself, treating yourself to some fruit instead of a chocolate bar, or to a walk around the park, to a bubble bath or an extra-long shower. It’s getting a manicure for the hell of it, or changing the color of your hair to try something new and cool.

Treat Yo Self is a way of life, one that we need to remember more often. Even the smallest things can bring us great happiness and lead to a life better lived and enjoyed.

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15 Guilty Pleasure Songs for Every Theatre Kid

Don't act like you don't love them.

Ah, musical theatre kids; a very specific breed. Whether it’s planning your entire schedule around rehearsal nights or staying up to date on the newest musical sweeping the nation, there are certain things all theatre kids have in common. One of those things is our taste in music: although we like to pretend we have ~standards~ and are ~too good~ for certain musicals, there are a select few songs that no true theatre geek can resist singing along to. Here is a short selection of every musical theatre kid’s guilty pleasures.

1. You Can't Stop the Beat--Hairspray

If you haven't been in Hairspray, then you definitelyat least danced to this song at your own cast parties. You really can't stop the beat (meaning it will be stuck in your head for days. Weeks, even.)

2. Omigod You Guys--Legally Blonde

Don't act like you haven't practiced your valley girl impression.

3. America--West Side Story

A classic song from a classic musical.

4. Cell Block Tango--Chicago

The sexiest song in theatre (probably). Who hasn't dreamed of performing a killer dance number while singing about murder (#puns)?

5. Footloose--Footlose

This one probably comes with your own choreo.

6. One Day More--Les Miserables

You and your friends definitely fought over/assigned roles just to sing this in the car. Listen, I get it--Eponine is a hot ticket.

7. Defying Gravity--Wicked

This list truly wouldn't be complete without this one.

8. Seaons of Love--Rent


9. Hair--Hair

Step aside, Willow Smith--this is the OG hair-whipping song.

10. Don't Cry for Me Argentina--Evita

Remember when you thought this was an obscure theatre song? Yeah, me too. Lol.

11. Show People--Curtains

I mean, this song was about you. How could you not like it?

12. Anything Goes--Anything Goes

Ok, so we all thought we were destined to be tap-dancers because of this. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

13. I Hope I Get It--A Chorus Line

dun dun dun DA dadada DAduh, dun dun dun DA dadada dun DA (you know the part. You know the choreo.)

14. We're All in This Together--High School Musical

Yeah, you definitely expected high school to be way different from what it was. Oh well. At least you have these sick dance moves.

15. We Go Together--Grease

And finally, to complete this list--the quintisenntial theatre song. A Wop Bam Boom.

Cover Image Credit: Emma Killian

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6 Times 'The Fosters' Made Me Cry In The Season 5 Finale

The tears never stopped falling

The hit show "The Fosters" has hit almost every emotional situation possible in a television show. From foster care, to school shootings, to cancer. And if you're anything like me, you've watched each episode with tears streaming down your face asking yourself how they manage to make you cry week after week. Now we have to wait until June to see the finale 3 episodes that will wrap the series up. Before we get there, let's reminisce about the heartbreaking moments from the two-part season finale. (Spoilers ahead!!!)

1. Grace dying

Originally I saw this coming and prepared myself for the event. However, Grace came out of her meeting with the doctor and told Brandon she was in remission, which obviously made me cry happy tears. Once they started taking pictures everywhere they went while in Hollywood, I knew she lied. I knew she was going to die, but nothing could prepare me for the number of tears falling from my eyes when it happened.

2. Stef's emotional breakdown about her father not accepting her.

We watched Stef struggle with some unclear issues throughout this season, and she finally let is all out in this finale. She has a conversation with her late father about how he would never accept her for who she is and how hard she tried to be the perfect daughter for him to be proud of. Her father tells her that she doesn't need his approval because all that matters is her own approval of herself.

She comes to terms with this and tells herself how proud she is of herself and how much she loves herself. This brought me to tears because self-love can be very hard for so many people, myself included.

3. Making Jesus a senior

Jesus had struggled all season in school due to his brain injury. We learn that he failed his math class and was not going to be a senior next year with his twin sister, Mariana, and his girlfriend, Emma. Well, Mariana, along with everyone else who loves Jesus, come together to build a treehouse with Jesus for his senior project to give him the credits he needs to be a senior next year. This was such a heartwarming gesture that brought me instantly to tears, especially after seeing the surprise and appreciation in Jesus's face.

4. Stef and Lena's conversation with Callie the night before graduation.

Stef and Lena, also known to the kids as "Moms", have a heartfelt conversation with Callie the night before she graduates high school telling her how proud they are of her and how far she has come. What hit me most was when Callie told Moms how thankful she was for them. She recalls being told that she is not disposable when she first met Moms and how much that has impacted her since then. It sent happy tears streaming down my face, for the millionth time.

5. Graduation

Graduation induced a fountain of tears for me. From Lena's improv-speech to seeing each and every one of them graduate. Callie finds out she got into the 5-year law program of her top school while on stage receiving her diploma from her mom and the look of amazement on her face was priceless. Flash forward to next year seeing Jesus, Mariana, and Emma graduating.

Both Mariana and Emma get into Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is an incredible accomplishment and dream come true for them. Jesus is headed to community college, which is also a huge accomplishment for him given his circumstances. Flash forward another 2 years to Jude graduating. We see how grown up and successful they are all becoming and it is just a feel-good moment, but also the end of our favorite show.

6. After graduation

Everyone is sitting at the kitchen table in their home for the first time again in, what we assume, a long time. Once again, we see how successful they are all becoming and Brandon is engaged!! When you think it's over and there's nothing else left to see, Lena picks up the phone and tells Stef their social worker has a kid in need of a home. All happy tears with a hint of sadness for saying goodbye to all these characters we've grown to love.

This show was ground-breaking, to say the least. I am impatiently waiting for the next three episodes to air in June so I get the answers I need, but until then, I will be repeatedly sobbing over all these moments. And I'm sure I'll sob some more come June.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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