The Importance Of Protecting Our Environment
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The Importance Of Protecting Our Environment

Temperatures are rising while optimism for the future is on the decline.

The Importance Of Protecting Our Environment

The environment is one of the most crucial things to the existence of living organisms. We are fortunate enough to live on a planet that gives us all the necessities that we need to survive and not only to survive but to prosper. With this in mind, it is a disservice to those around us to not be conscious of the things we do and the choices we make that affect the environment. The health of our environment is one of the key components to the longevity of humanity. Unfortunately as time has progressed, we have seen how our actions that we have become accustomed to have contributed in the destruction of the environment.

One of the main issues that is constantly being discussed is climate change (the spoiler alert its real). Most climate change is caused by human activity, the Carbon dioxide emitted by burning coals, natural gases and oil; these have all been detrimental to the atmosphere. Due to the rise in temperature, we have been experiencing increasing heat waves, rise in sea levels, and extreme storms that are becoming increasingly common. These changes will continue to go in the wrong direction unless we are all able to agree that climate change is real and that more actions need to be taken to better the issue.

Unfortunately, climate change is not only an issue that effects humans; it is also an issue that causes harm to animals as well. Animals that are not accustomed to hotter climates are forced to either move or to adjust to their new climates. Adjustment isn't easy, as changes to habitats have also caused changes in animals' migration habits as well. Change in climate also has an unfortunate effect on agriculture. Most people do not truly understand or recognize the importance of agriculture because we get all of our food from stores and because of this, we do not always realize where it actually comes from. Warmer temperatures help many crops to grow faster; However for some crops, if the temperature exceeds the optimal temperature, it can cause an overall decline. Extreme events that happen because of climate also prevent good yields from crops. Furthermore, if temperature increases are excessive, crops will not have the water and nutrients necessary for them to grow.

Global warming is an issue that needs to be brought to our attention because people don't always seem to be aware of the ramifications of their actions. Although it may not be intended, as a society we do not seem to value protecting the environment as much as we should. Some changes to climate are unavoidable, but by making choices that reduce pollution and preparing for changes that are already in motion, we can try to reduce the risks that we are facing. The choices that we make each and every day effect our future and the world future generations are going to have to live in. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people deny that climate change is a very serious issue. Despite this, it is important that we do as much as possible to have a positive impact on the environment. Something as simple as recycling can go a long way toward helping the environment. All we can do is try our best, and if we all pitch in where we can, the future has the ability to look a lot brighter than it is looking right now.

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