The Importance Of Personal Perception And How Millenials View It Today

When I hear the name Donald Trump, very few — if any at all — positive thoughts resonate in my head. I immediately think of all the ignorant things the president has said regarding highly controversial issues such as gun violence and immigration. However, I still find myself smiling at the gas pump when I am only paying $1.89 per gallon and feeling a sense of hope when I hear that the unemployment rate is at the lowest it has been in a few years.

An intense conversation between my family members and I sparked a questioning inside my own head of why I openly state that I do not support president Trump. I mean, haven't the people been asking for more jobs and economic growth? Yes. However, we also expect these things to come from a leader that carries himself with authority, but also grace and decency when faced by the public. There are many roles that are given to the United States, one being to grow and maintain the economy, but there is also the role of being the figurehead of this country.

The way Trump represents himself — and the United States of America — online, during interviews, and when giving speeches is not necessarily what the people have wanted. For me, there is one word that engulfs why I have such a negative reaction to the name Donald Trump.

Perception. In order to be respected by the masses, one must be perceived well by the masses. Trump laid out a foundation of what the people should expect him to accomplish in office and thus far he has held up these political expectations, but none have been done in a way that promotes a positive self-image for the president. Citizens take this personally because not only does Donald Trump represent himself as a person, he represents the united states as a country.

Now, maybe Trump's failure to present himself in a way that will gain approval from others is simply his personality and he truly does not care what people think of him, but as a leader and representative, he needs to consider the way in which he is being perceived. Many Americans do not agree with his stance on many social issues, and that is valid, but from a political standpoint Trump has not done anything he did not say he would do and the people voted for him (and his policies). However, the people did not vote for his ignorance and arrogance as a leader.

A successful leader is one that completes their job in order to benefit their followers while also maintaining the trust and respect of their followers — and currently, this country lacks (and for good reason) the respect for their leader.

Having said all this, there are many stances that Donald Trump has that I do not agree with on a social or political level. However, President Obama had many opinions and policies I did not agree with, but I still have a positive reaction to hearing him speak or seeing him on television. The difference for me is simply how differently the two men carry themselves when faced with difficult situations.

There is a level of respect that the president should always be given, but this respect should always be given back to the people and President Trump lacks this aspect of leadership.

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