It's crazy to me that people don't appreciate their grandparents. I only have 1 grandparent left and truthfully I'm jealous of the people who still have all their grandparents. I would give ANYTHING to have them all back with me again.

My Mom-mom passed away in 2010. When I was growing up we would hang out a lot. She'd pick me up from elementary school on half days and take me to her house until my parents got out of work. We'd giggle when she gave me a Sprite, something that I wasn't allowed to have at home, and made me promise to not tell my mom. She'd take me out to the grocery store with her and make me in charge of holding the coupons so I'd wave them around every few minutes shouting, "I still got them!" She was my best friend. I wish I had the chance to tell her that before she passed.

My Poppop, my dad's dad, passed away in 2015. Growing up he'd sneak my cousins and I Tastykakes and give us a sugar high before handing us back off to our parents. He'd giggle like no tomorrow at his own jokes and binge-watched the History Channel. My aunts used to dress him up for every holiday complete with funny hats and ties and he was the best sport about it. He'd give a cheesy smile at the camera for millions of pictures and then wear the outrageous holiday get up for the rest of the family party. He'd tell Vietnam war stories and give the best hugs. Every time we'd hug he'd whisper "I love you, sweetheart". I wish I could hear that just one more time.

My Nana (Irish for grandmother), my dad's mom, is my only grandparent that's left. She lives in a small extension on the back of my aunt's house and we call it "the villa." Every Friday a bunch of our family piles into the villa for happy hour. She tells stories of her childhood in Ireland and reads every magazine she can get her hands on. Her wine glass is always chilled for Friday night happy hours and has the most gentle heart. We're very close and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

If you still have your grandparents in your life you're so lucky. Your grandparents teach you so much about life and love you no matter what. I would do anything to have all of my grandparents back with me so please don't take advantage of your opportunity with your own grandparents. Give them a call or hug them just a minute longer. You'll regret it when they're gone if you don't.