Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang of "Grey's Anatomy" keyed the term "dance it out" whenever they came to a point in which they could not do anything but dance to get whatever they were feeling out. The first few weeks at school brought about a tradition of dance parties every Friday afternoon after we finished classes, or whenever we felt the need to get some unexplained emotions out.

While many of these dance parties consisted of extremely embarrassing twerking incidents, teaching ourselves dance numbers to Beyoncé songs and the singing (mostly yelling) to songs we knew every word of, they could not have provided a better de-stresser to our lives. Enjoy a few reasons as to why you should make "dancing it out" a part of your weekly agenda!

1. A dance party can give you the best ending to your week.

There is nothing more fun than ignoring all of the stresses that come from busy weeks through dancing to your favorite songs. A Friday afternoon should be filled with excitement, relief, and happiness at the upcoming events the weekend has in store—which is only encouraging while dancing it out.

2. It provides a great workout (mainly for us non-worker-outers) but still, a dance workout.

Whether it's your favorite song, or "Get Low" providing an opportunity to get lower than you would in public, the constant movement that comes with dancing often ends with sweat and a lot more burnt calories than expected.

3. There's no better place to practice your dance moves, while completely embarrassing yourself, than with your friends.

I mean, it's better to convince yourself you're a fantastic dancer, even if, in reality, you don't have a coordinated bone in your body. Obviously dancing it out with your friends is a better place to put your moves into practice for the upcoming weekend.

4. Time to start taking pride in being completely tone-deaf, mainly because you know every word to the classics you're jamming to.

It makes it so much better of a situation if you can disregard the fact you might not sound like Adele and remember the fact you know every word to all of the classics, whether it be "Gold Digger" or "Fergalicious," and you should feel pretty accomplished.

5. There's no better de-stresser than the laughter and fun had while making memories to dance parties.

Whether it's the twerking mishaps or just the fact that none of you can actually dance, there is always some amazing memories made just from having a dance party.

I would seriously encourage dancing it out whenever you need to let out some extra energy or when you just are in the mood to make some good memories.