Sometimes I miss high school, but maybe not for the reason that one would think. I do miss being with my high school friends every day all day, but we have learned how to be friends while at school. What I miss most are my teachers. The small school I went to had one teacher per subject for the entire high school which means we all got really close. Most teachers cared for each of us and it showed in how hard they worked to teach us and develop us as individuals. While I was still in high school some of the recent grads would come back to visit and at some point, everyone of them would say how our school did not prepare them for college. Going into my freshmen year, I had that mindset and after a semester I was able to see the how at some level it was true, but there were times when I did well because of those teachers.

Now, as a second semester Junior, I would like to take a moment to tell these teachers that they mean the world to me and I would not be who I am or where I am without them. Even now, I still have material that I learn in classes that I learned in high school, but more importantly, I have a love of learning that they helped me to develop. In high school, I would sometimes go in early to get help with homework or to clear up confusion I had on a certain topic. My teachers were always willing to spend their time to help which encouraged me to always be willing to ask questions and want to fully understand the material.

Not only did these teachers help me learn and appreciate the opportunity to learn, but they also helped me to recognize the importance of putting others first. Often, they would either come early or stay late to work on correcting homework or help with an extracurricular activity. There would be students who struggled in their class and they would spend extra time helping that student. They selflessly gave time and energy to develop us as life long learners who put others ahead of ourselves. I will forever be grateful for everything they have done!