In a world of constant stress, poor body image and sleep deprivation, it is important to remember the importance of being happy. People of all ages are usually stressed about something. There seems to always be a reason to worry, whether it be money, relationships or the future. Amidst all these pressures it becomes easy to forget the reason we do things. Why go to school? To get a profession that makes us happy. Why do we take care of ourselves? To be happy working toward improvement. We live life attempting to find happiness, but the methods of getting there often lead to negative feelings.

To be completely honest, this is unacceptable. These are not standards to live by. Life is meant to have up and downs, but stress should never become a constant in your life. If you find yourself always working or studying, it is time to reevaluate and make time for adventure. People grow by what they experience, not what they memorize in class. Character is built outside. Personal growth happens on mountains, across oceans and in the middle of no where. Adventures should always be high on your list of priorities. Learn to stress exploration instead of grades. This will usually lead to a naturally healthier lifestyle and overall happiness.

Bodies are vessels in which our souls live. We take care of our bodies for many reasons. These reasons can easily become toxic. The gym is a place to improve our physical health, but why do we feel pressure to go? The media often sends messages about how “wrong” different body types are. This is a ridiculously unhealthy reason to work out. Loving your whole self in all states is one of the most important sources of a content life. Going to the gym should be a personal desire to become the best version possible. It shouldn’t be something you dread -- it is a place to unwind, improve and work out pent up emotions. Make sure you’re going to the gym for the right reasons.

As workers or students, sporadic all-nighters are to be expected. However, understand the detrimental effects on your body and health. Physical and mental functioning is hindered when your body isn’t given what it needs. There is this trend of putting school and grades before personal health I often witness. Never put yourself in a state where personal health and well-being could be compromised. Listen to what your body needs and put yourself first every now and then.

An average life in today's world is a hectic one. With everything that goes on, responsibilities become a balancing act that is easy upset. We attempt to fill our lives with things that make us happy, or at least things that will lead us to happiness. This is sometimes overcome with negative aspects and bad feelings. It is important to keep prioritizing the good feelings while trying to limit the negative stresses in life. Not doing this could lead to and unhappy, unhealthy lifestyle -- which no one wants.