Leaving a Legacy
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Leaving a Legacy

How have you impacted the kingdom?

Leaving a Legacy

In today's world, we are always searching to add another merit to our resume to fluff our feathers, to make us stand out, to be the missing link that company has been looking for. We are always searching, making sure that every possible box is checked off to push us through to our next stepping stone. While God may be opening windows and closing doors, orchestrating our future, we need to make sure that we are prayerfully considering our options and final decisions. Every move we make is another stroke of the brush as God paints our picture.

As we all know, our ideas and plans don't always pan out and we stop and wonder, "Why God?". While it is frustrating and hard for us to understand at the time, we can all agree, a few miles down the road as we look back and marvel at Gods' design we know why. But how do we skip the stage of questioning Him and start listening and looking for his way?

Currently, in a season of my own, I was offered a position that I could only have dreamt of, the hours could possibly match my husband’s night owl schedule and allow us the time we need and want together, as a newly married couple. It could open countless doors for my future in the medical field and allow me to serve and touch so many lives. Let me backtrack a little, to give you a general view. Currently, I am in the medical field taking care of a lot of patients, and while this is rewarding, it is a very stressful environment. Long hours, heavy work load and appreciation that seems to be lacking for we never quite "live up to their standards". This job seemed to have fallen into my hands by the grace of God, orchestrated so gracefully, how could I not jump at the opportunity?

Flash forward to current day, the offer on the table, I had a nagging feeling that maybe this wasn't my next step just yet. While they seriously wanted me to be on their unit and be a valued team member, one major part of the offer fell short for where our lives are at this time. A bit heartbroken and feeling "stuck" I began to question, "Why God? If this isn't your will, please show me your way." Over the past few days, my eyes have opened a bit and clarified my questions. While I feel that I am ready to close this chapter and move to a different career in the medical profession, he has other ideas for me.

We may be the planter of the seeds or the one to water them depending on where the person is in God's plan, we are still a large part of their journey. This past weekend during our church sermon, God has proven my hearts thinking. We are placed in certain situations to be a light of God, to be a reflection of our beliefs and his word. What if we do not act upon that, what if we do not do take the time to be the light someone needs? Our message this week challenged us to do just that. Pastor Bobby asked us, "Do we ask for the Spirit to feel comfortable or to be a witness?" It was a revelation, and an answer to my questions, was God leaving me be, having me stay at this job to be a witness? I believe his answer is "Yes". Over the past 3.5 years I have had the opportunity to speak with coworkers about my faith and invite them to church. Can you imagine what else God has in store? Can you imagine how God is going to use me?

We need to remember we are not living for ourselves, we are living for God. If we let go of our "control" and allow God to take the reins can you imagine how we can impact the world around us? We need to be a reflection of our faith, to exemplify our character, this will regenerate for generations to come until that trumpet sounds. I challenge you to make a change, to be a reflection and act upon it instead of giving excuses. Be a witness, be a voice, be an example. Think of the lives you will impact and glorify God doing so.

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