If You’ve Been Impacted By The Stanford Rape Case, Read This

Brock Turner. A name that has flooded media headlines throughout the country within the past week. The name that has been spoken by so many people. People who may know him personally, and spoken from those who only know of him, because of the latest headlines. A man whose life has been turned upside down with one single choice. You, Brock Turner, have impacted not just your own life, and not just the victim’s life, but complete strangers lives. You are the man who has sent shivers down curious peoples backs when they read about you.

This is to Brock Turner. This is to the victim who wishes to remain anonymous. To the victim’s family whose lives have been left with scares, because a sick minded individual made a nauseatingly wrong decision. This is to the judge who is not serving full justice. This is two the two cyclist who happen to be riding by, and saved this young woman’s life. This is for everyone who has felt the pain of this case. To the words that are spoken with tremble and hatred when associated with the doings of Brock Turner.

On the eve of January 18th, 2015 an unconscious girl was found behind a dumpster in the fetal position, naked from the waist down near a frat house on campus of Stanford University. Found in disheveled form, pine needles had covered her, taking over her identity. This is the result of the victim being sexually assaulted by Brock Turner, a noted swimmer for the university. Brock has stolen this girl’s identity in a short span, and unleashed the hatred towards him he deserves. He had left this girl with abrasions, lacerations, and dirt in her genitalia from that night behind the dumpster. She was unconscious. She never verbally consented. Left to wake up in the hospital, unaware of what happened hours before. You, Brock Turner, are a cold-hearted, rapist.

Now one year later, irreversible damage to the victim and her family is being brought to light. As assumed, one year later, in court she is assaulted again, but this time by words. Words from Brock. Words from the attorney. Words from the judge. Words from strangers. Words to make her seem like the enemy and Brock the victim, because his privileged life is being altered.

I don’t consider this a letter, and I don’t consider this a rant. I consider it an overview of how many people around the country feel towards each individual involved in this case.

So, to you, Brock Turner and your family. You force yourself upon a woman, but argue it was consensual? You’ve made your statement to the judge, and want to be forgiven? I can tell you that will never happen. You are a criminal. You are a rapist. It’s your word against the victim’s word, right? She was unconscious, and does not remember a thing, so that automatically makes everything you’re saying accurate, right? Wrong. You took advantage of a woman who was drunk. We can sit here and blame alcohol for your doings, but that just wouldn’t be fair. A lot of people were drinking that night. But you were the only one sexually assaulting a young woman behind a dumpster near the fraternity house. I have read a lot about this case. I have read that you would not have pursued her if she was not agreeing to the actions. So here’s a question I know you’ve been asked many times; how can she agree with you on any level of intimacy if she’s so drunk she can’t form a sentence, resulting in her becoming unconscious? Maybe you did it because you didn’t think you’d get caught? But you were caught. You ran away to make matters worse! If you weren’t doing anything wrong, why did you run? Maybe you did it because you thought it was morally okay? After all, your father has not set the best example throughout this trial. As I recall, he feels you being in jail would ruin your life. He feels you’ve suffered enough humiliation with this case going global. That you don’t deserve all this backlash for what was it, twenty minutes of action? Your mother pleads with tears to not send you to jail. For it will ruin your path of life. What about the victim’s path of life? What about her dreams and ambitions? You took that from her when you decide to mount her behind the dumpster. Well let me tell you, you haven’t even gotten the worst of what you deserve. You’re getting a slap on the wrist. Have you even thought about how light your sentence is? Let’s lay it out there. You were sentenced to serve only 6 months in county jail. Of those six months, you’re only serving three months, with three years’ probation, and becoming a registered as a sex offender. Three months is all you get for raping an unconscious woman. How is that fair? What kind of punishment is that? You should be getting years in jail. Not months. Thousands of people, myself included, are baffled at your final punishment. I could go on, and on, about how disturbing of a person you are, but we all already have our opinions of you. I hope one day you realize the great pain you’ve caused one individual, and the domino effect it has encountered. You, Brock Turner, can apologize to the victim and her family, but it’ll never be fully accepted. You will never be associated as the small town guy who is an Olympic prospect, attending the prestigious school, Stanford University in hopes of becoming a doctor. Brock Turner is associated with the title of, the Stanford swimming rapist. You deserve to rot in jail, Brock Turner.

To the woman that has endured a battle. I don’t say victim because I hear you don’t like being referenced as the “Stanford Rape Victim.” Just know my heart goes out to you. Woman to woman, I can’t even begin to imagine the horrors you’ve had to put up with this past year. I’ve never met you, I don’t even know your name, but know that I admire your bravery. You may not see it now, but you will come out of this on top. You’ve made headlines for a situation that never should have happened. An innocent planned night with your sister had turned into a twisted nightmare.Your identity had been ripped from you. But you’re a fighter. The horrific night you had to encounter, to then be told what happened by nurses, because you didn’t remember is terrifying. Then a year later be victimized in court. Your life has been on hold for the past year. But now I hope you can begin to live your life. No, justice has not been served to the fullest, but justice has been brought to light. Does Brock Turner deserve more of a punishment than what he is getting? Absolutely. You have brought awareness. Your voice has spoken for hundreds of woman out there who have endured a similar situation, but were brave enough to speak up. You wake up every morning being reminded of this life altering situation. But because of you, thousands are supporting you. Know you are not alone. This is your time to rebuild your identity, while Brock Turner is behind bars. You are safe now.

This is much more than a man raping an unconscious, under the influence girl. People need to wake up and see how common sexual assault is on college campuses. If this case can spark this much conversation, then let’s do something about raising awareness. Let’s make a change, and stop being blind to reality. Stop turning the other check, because you don’t want to be involved. Imagine if the two cyclists turned the other way, and ignored this woman laying behind a dumpster. She was lucky to be found. She is incredible for finding her voice again. Let’s all find our voices, and change the impact of the rape culture.

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