Immigration Has Nothing To Do With Mollie Tibbetts' Murder

Mollie Tibbetts was a college student: young, vibrant, and full of life until the day she went missing. You see, she was out for a run, normal for a college student or anyone for that matter when she was approached by a male who made advances on her. When they were not reciprocated, this man took a turn for the worst. Recently news was released that the body of Mollie had been found.

What does this have to do with immigration? Her murderer was an undocumented worker. When this hit the press, it turned into an uproar among Americans. Many of which began making comments degrading immigrants, as well as mentioning the need for "the wall" that has been in process for quite a while. The worst part of it all, the majority of these people are only so enraged because the said murderer was, in fact, identified as an illegal immigrant.

Yet, many of these Americans are forgetting what else has recently happened in our country in relation to a murder. A Colorado man, U.S. CITIZEN, murdered his wife and children. But surprisingly enough, this was only viral for a short period of time. Sure there were the few days where people called this man sick and made hateful comments toward his act, and rightfully so, but that was it. After a very short period of time, the topic had disappeared.

With the immigrant, the media made sure readers knew he was not from the United States, but with the Colorado man, there were no degrading headlines.

Both of these individuals deserve to be locked away for what they've done. One for killing an innocent college student who simply did not want to progress with a stranger. The other for taking FOUR innocent lives of people he should have loved.

Disagreeing with someone is no excuse to murder them. A teen girl turned down a stranger who was making advances on her and was murdered. A mother and her children were murdered due to domestic violence. Neither of these instances is justifiable nor should either man be pardoned for his actions.

Immigrant or citizen, MURDER IS MURDER.

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