"He's a racist, sexist, bigot." "He will set our country back X amount of years." "He is not my president." "We are the new refugees."

.....Are we serious? As Americans, we are supposed to accept any and every body like the melting pot country we are. Those preaching against Trump and his supporters are doing nothing but fueling the fire they themselves are so afraid of. Allow me- a first time voter- to give you all a little lesson on the Election of 2016.

First and foremost- you're entitled to your opinions, as long as they can be supported with intelligent, factual proof. Sexist? Trump employs thousands of women, and pays them equally if not more than his men. His "locker room banter".... really? Like nobody has ever walked past somebody and made an advancing comment to him/her/or a friend. Racist? Trump wants our country to be filled with those who willingly put in effort to be here. If we're so worried about our jobs and our debt, why don't we stop giving OUR money to those that mail it right back across the border? His statements regarding rapists and criminals, the evidence is there to support his claims and quite frankly- we all know it.

You're scared of what he is capable of, and yet the answer is almost nothing. We forget the system of checks and balances. We forget the senate or the House of representatives. We forget how little say the president actually has. Sure, he's the face of our country. But this exact fear our own people are feeling, is fear that the rest of the world needs to, and probably has. For what? Tons of countries have nuclear codes, if a person wanted to advance towards the use of them, it would have been done years ago. Give society a little more of a chance than that.

As a woman, I chose to educate myself and support somebody who I knew would make the change that this country so dearly needs. I chose to look beyond his accusations and compare my learnings to those of the opposing candidate. Love, support, peace- give me a BREAK people. We need to get the hell out of debt and focus on rebuilding the mess the past presidents got us in. Love and support will always be there but not if you all can't accept the turn out and quit splitting this country in half.

Your exact arguments are what is wrong with this country. "Last time i'll vote for a white, male candidate." Oh? That's interesting considering, if the roles were reversed and we made that comment- there would be people in an uproar. A president can't make people like each other. A president can't stop the crime in our neighborhoods. A president can't give people a work ethic. Only we can do that for ourselves.

So how about we all get off each other's backs. Quit throwing around your threats to leave this country- nobody with that attitude should be here anyway. Come together and give Trump the chance that we would have given Hillary. Our beds have been made. So wake up and realize how amazing our country is, regardless of who is running it. And if you still feel like America has failed you, Tuesday's are known to be the cheapest day to book flights.