Yes, I'm the Mom Of My Friend Group
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Yes, I'm the Mom Of My Friend Group

Every friend group needs that erratic, overly-obsessed mother figure.

Yes, I'm the Mom Of My Friend Group
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Truth be told, I can be a bit of a wild child. However, when the need becomes known, I can instantly switch into Mom mode.

I take great pride in being the Mom friend of my friend group. I don't know if it's because most of my friends are younger than me or if I just have some untapped motherly intuition, but I always find myself worrying and asking and anticipating, no matter what the situation.

1. "Bundle up, it's cold!"

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I will always ask my friends to wear more layers or thicker jackets if I feel that the weather calls for it. I'll stop my apartment mates from going outside if I think they need a hat. Binghamton is an especially chilly place, and if I could stock up everyone's closets with chunky scarves and fluffy socks, I would.

2. "Make sure you drink water."

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Staying hydrated is important. For when you're sick, tired, overworked, or hungover – water will always be an answer to at least one problem you're facing. If I feel like my friends are not drinking enough water, you best believe I'll show up with water cups in my hands, handing them out like they were the most valuable thing to own.

3. "You're gonna wear that?"

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I mean this in the most non-judgmental way possible. It kind of plays off of the whole bundling up thing, and it's probably just the Mom in me that's worried about heels being too high, shirts being too low-cut, or shorts being too bootylicious. I believe that you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, so I usually let this one slide. To be honest, I usually cheer my friends on when they're dressed in some scandalous outfit – you do you, girl!!!

4. "Get some rest!"

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I am a firm believer that mental health is so much more important than pulling an all-nighter for schoolwork. If I see my friends are up in Bartle all night, I usually lecture them the next day and tell them that they need to take a breather and get some sleep. Yes, grades are important, but you can't go to school if you're not healthy and well.

5. "Fine, don't listen to me... See what happens."

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Of course, in college, we all want to explore the endless amount of freedom that we have from our parents and other authority figures. However, I can sometimes be "that guy" when I give my friend a piece of Mom advice that he or she doesn't want to follow. I'll roll my eyes and tell them, "Just wait and see. I'm right."

My thought process is, we're away at college, meaning we're far away from our moms. Who else is going to take care of us while we're away? Every friend group needs a Mom friend. I'm glad to take on that role, no matter how wild I can get.

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