Yes, I Am The 'Mom' Of The Group, And I Love It

Every friend group has somebody that works as the glue to hold everyone together. When it comes to the couple of friend groups and activities I was or am involved in, I was immediately named “mom” of my group. Some say it’s because I have a big heart, others say it’s because I’m controlling.

Either way, I’m honored that so many people would take trust in me to give me such a nickname. Maybe it’s because I’m a couple years older, or took two years off to deal with real life.

1. "Check in"

I know you’re an adult now and in college, but as the mom figure here, I’m always going to worry about your whereabouts and if you’re OK. This could be me asking if you’re alright with the boy you went out with or if the party you’re at is safe. I’m not going to show up, but if something happens I know you’re alright.

2. "Are you hungry?"

I’m aware that you know where the cafeteria and nearest McDonalds is, but do you remember the last time you ate? The last time you looked up from that 12-page paper and had a bite of your now-cold ramen? I’m not trying to fatten you up or tell you to stop studying, but having someone there to let you know you’re not taking proper care of you, your body, or your brain is actually a blessing.

3. "Drink some water"

I know you’re hungover and want to spill your guts but trust me, DRINK THE WATER!

4. "Are you cold?"

All I’m going to say is bring a jacket, you can take it off later if you get warm.

5. "Hot? Let me feel your head"

If you’re not feeling good, 9/10 times, I’ve had or seen what it looks like and I’m more than willing to take a look at you booboo or feel your fever.

6. "Yes, I have the medicine for that"

Whatever sickness you’re dealing with today, whether it’s a tummy ache, headache, cramps, splinter, even a torn something, I have what you need in my first aide kit.

7. "Trust me sweetie, he’s bad news"

Believe it or not, I’ve dated many types of guys. Good, bad, or indifferent. I can read him like a book and when I tell you he is good or bad, please listen so you can learn from my own mistakes.

8. "No, that eyebrow is thicker than that one"

I won’t be the one to candy coat what I think around you; you don’t deserve to be lied to. I’ll be the one to tell you that one eyebrow is uneven or that your hair looks greasy. I’m not being mean, but trust me when I say I care more about you than myself.

9. "Good luck on your test!"

Everyone needs a cheerleader on their side, so just know, I’ll be the one to always wish you luck on your endeavors.

10. "Call me if you need anything"

Call me literally whenever, and I mean that wholeheartedly. I don’t care what time it is, where you are, or who you’re with. No questions asked, I will always be there for you!

I never asked to be called "mom" but I love it.

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