I'm Not A "Typical" Girl

Most of the time, girls and women are stereotyped to be just that, girly, and not wanting to do things with their significant others. When someone thinks of a “typical” girl, they normally think about dressing up cute, putting on make-up, being afraid of getting their hands dirty, etc. Of course, there is nothing wrong with any of that. Although, not all girls are like that. Some girls like to be pampered like a princess all the time, which yet again, there isn’t anything wrong with that. Some girls like spending time in the garage working on cars and such, going out and messing around in mud, and just are, simply, not girly.

Personally, I like to go out and get dirty in the mud or be covered in oil and grime while working on cars. I love going out fishing and cleaning the fish I catch. I enjoy doing all types of outdoor activities with my family and my boyfriend. It is what makes me, me. Just like activities that you enjoy doing make you, you. Now don’t get me wrong, I like doing girly things, sometimes. Such as dressing up and going out or just looking nice and putting on make-up. Simple things like that.

I am different from you, just like you are different from me. Not all girls are the same and assuming so is very aggravating towards all of us. Assuming all girls are alike is like, assuming that every person thinks alike; it’s very unlikely.

Even in relationships, we are stereotyped. All people assume that all girls are expensive, but in mostly all cases, a girl wants your attention, love, and time. We don’t care about how much money you have or what you own. I am the type of girl that like to wrestle around and have fun. Normally, I don’t like going out all the time (unless it is to go fishing or hunting; you can say that I’m a hick, or hillbilly). Many girls like going out and doing things, and that’s great. I’m just not a super social person, so to speak.

Anyways, being a woman isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Most of the time, people set standards that all of us don’t, normally, fit. Stereotyping us is hurtful and aggravating.

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