What It's Like To Be Non-Greek In A Greek Town

What It's Like To Be Non-Greek In A Greek Town

I’m too much of an individual to be herded into a group of girls with the “same interests and likes as me."

Living in Tallahassee means one of two things: you’re either Greek, or you’re not. For those living in non-Greek towns, that’s just a fancy way of saying someone is in a fraternity or a sorority. Majority of Tallahassee boasts Greek letters on T-shirts and car windows, while everyone goes on with their day, some stopping to ask what those strange symbols on the front of someone’s laptop means. As for me, I’m proud to say I am not in a sorority, nor will I ever be in one.

One of the most common questions I get is, “are you going to rush?” and the answer is simple: no. Never in a million years would I see myself in a house full of girls who barely know each other’s names but know too much about each other’s private lives. I’m too much of an individual to be herded into a group of girls with the “same interests and likes as me.” That’s what clubs at school are for. Sure, some people really are just like me, but I know how I am and behave when categorized as anything other than an "individual."

I’m not saying everyone in a frat or sorority is the same, but I’m also not saying that they aren’t. My first time witnessing rush week was with some friends as we were on our way to Pots, and we were all baffled. Every single girl that walked down the street was dressed in rompers, all similar colors and styles. They all carried their tan wedges in their hands and they scurried along in their sandals. Their hair was curled ever so softly, and we could see their accessories bouncing along as they tried to beat the oncoming traffic. It was like watching Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Sorority Edition. I soon found out from my sister (my real sister, not a sorority sister) who’s in Zeta Tau Alpha, that the girls have a list of what they have to wear, which includes the color scheme, accessories, and how they have to wear their hair. It’s like grade school all over again, with the uniform requirements and dress code.

I don’t know about most people, but I know I’m not wiling to pay $1,200 a semester to be a part of Greek life. If you’ve got the money and you can afford it, by all means, go for it, but I know what I could really do with that money, and it rhymes with “shpay my stuition.” Greek life is far too expensive, and for college students that pay their own rent, make their own car payments, and buy their own groceries, Greek life is just a luxury, not a necessity. Not to mention all the dues that need to be paid, rent if you decide to live at the house, and money to be spent on all the outfits required for certain events. Even with a job, I couldn’t afford it if I tried.

I spent 18 years living under my parents’ roof, following their rules and respecting their authority. I'll be damned if I'm about to pay $1,200 to have someone just a few years older than me telling me what to do, how to act, and what to wear. I am too much of an individual with my own plans and thoughts to be manipulated to be like someone else. These girls are not allowed to go out during rush week. They can't go to Happy Hour or parties and they can't have fun with everyone else during syllabus week. Frats, however, have all the freedom in the world to do the complete opposite. Frats can go out whenever they want during rush week, and can also party and drink while wearing their fraternity's letters, unlike sororities.

Sometimes I feel left out, like when date functions or spring formals roll around, but I don't lose sleep over it. I'm okay with not posting the same picture as twelve other girls, fake laughing into the camera or holding hands with my little. I enjoy long strolls down the grocery aisle without worrying about what I eat because formal is coming up. I find the light in being a non-Greek, and it's a very bright light. Some people want to be Greek so they can "make connections," but I've made enough connections working my little minimum wage job and being friendly with people in suits.

It's hard being a non-Greek in a Greek town, but I've learned that it makes you more of an individual. When you've got the freedom to do as you please, get a job, attend school full time, and not have to worry about chapter meetings, it's a great feeling. I applaud those who have jobs and work hard in school and can still be an active member in their frat or sorority; it's not an easy task and it is very demanding. But I know I won't do that, not because I can't, but because I enjoy my time and my freedom.

Cover Image Credit: Zeta Tau Alpha FSU

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6 Thoughts And Feelings During Sorority Recruitment

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I recently went through sorority recruitment, and can now say it was certainly an experience. Although I'm extremely glad its over (and I'm finally getting past the sickness and exhaustion that ensued), I am SO happy to have found my sorority in the process! That being said, I definitely felt a whole range of emotions throughout rush, and could think of no one better to convey these thoughts and feelings than the stereotypical sorority sisters of some my favorite shows and movies.

1. "Woah, that is a lot of clapping."

Or sometimes snapping. I really appreciate the enthusiasm, I do, however, I cringe imagining how red their hands must've felt by the end of the whole ordeal.

2. When you hear so many sorority names, they all start blurring together.

Is that a real sorority name or the name of a sorority from a movie? At first, it was all just gibberish to me - like learning a whole new language.

3. Hyping yourself up before a round.

Going into a room, and trying to get everyone to like you is hard. It's even harder getting cut. You just have to remember that you won't be a perfect fit everywhere you go.

4. "Is it time to go to bed yet?"

I'm aware that Beave from "Greek" is not a sorority girl, but I love him so it's okay. I can definitely agree though, once the exhaustion set in I was definitely for a bedtime story.

5. Finally finding the chapter you love.

You just have to hope the feeling's mutual!

6. Finally getting your bid.

Finally, the whole process is behind you. And it was SO worth it!! Time to celebrate!

Cover Image Credit: Acrocollective

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19 More Things To Get Your Sorority Little, Because She Deserves It

A little pick-me-up gift never hurt!

A few months ago I published an article detailing 19 different gift ideas for your sorority little . Now that I’m officially an active member in my sorority and our spring pledge class is growing, it’s safe to say that I have little fever. That’s like baby fever, except instead of a baby I just really want a little…or two or three. It’s casual. Either way, I decided that 19 ideas just wasn’t enough. Here are 19 more gift ideas to give your little, because she deserves to be spoiled.

1. Fuzzy socks

Who doesn’t love a good pair of fuzzy socks? This is a perfect staple gift for literally anyone. If you don’t know your little’s favorite colors yet, look for fuzzy socks in your sorority’s colors.

2. Mini lotion

Especially if you’re having a big/little reveal in the winter. Lotion is a necessity.

3. Nail polish

Nail polish is always a fun little thing to throw in gift baskets. So many options to choose from!

4. Cute hair ties

Cute. Essential. Need I say more?

5. Letters lanyard

You aren’t a true sorority girl until everything you own is plastered in your letters.

6. Lip gloss

Lip gloss doesn’t get enough credit these days since matte looks have been all the rage. But with glam looks on the rise, lip gloss is making a comeback.

7. Bath bombs

Bath bombs are all the rage right now, and for good reason. We love anything that makes us smell good!

8. Face mask

Skincare is important. Face masks are cheap. If that isn’t a sign that you need to put one in your little’s gift basket, I don’t know what is.

9. Coloring book and colored pencils

There’s just something about adult coloring books. It gives you something to do when you have nothing to do (or just feel like procrastinating).

10. Letters sweatpants

You can never have too many pairs of sweatpants.

11. Slippers

They’ll go great with the fuzzy socks and the sweatpants, after all.

12. Blanket

There is no such thing as “too comfy” or “too soft.”

13. Earrings

Considering Wal-Mart has stepped up their game, you can find a pack of variety earrings for five bucks and it’ll make a cute addition to her gift basket.

14. Journal and set of colored pens

Bullet journaling is the new trend, and who doesn’t like a set of colored pens?

15. Phone case

Bonus points if it has your letters on it.

16. Decorated cork board

You didn’t think this list would be complete without a crafty item, did you?

17. Letters car decal

Because even her car needs sorority swag.

18. Letters buttons/pins

Because even her backpack needs sorority swag. Her whole life needs sorority swag.

19. Decorated piggy bank

Something for her to save up her dues in.

Sorry if I’ve missed anything, but at this point, I probably haven’t. Enjoy spoiling your little(s)!

Cover Image Credit: @sorority_girls

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