What's my opinion on the military?

Well, I got reasons. There's so much. I'm a military supporter. Why can't you accept that?

Just maybe you can't accept I'm the military brat. Maybe you can't accept that I'm carrying on the tradition of the military. Maybe you can't accept the fact military has my number one priority.

Not everyone is college material. Nor military material. I wasn't college material, but I moved on to get my military dream. I'm happy to be a part of a family that's a good one. I'm happy to say that I'm finally getting the respect I should get. I followed each dream.

I know a lot of people in the military. My grandparents were in the military. My uncle was in the military. My cousin was also in the military. I'm hoping I can take their position and take over. Marines, Army-Air Force, Airforce, and such.

If you really knew me, I'm a troops supporter.




Air Force.


Coast Guard.

National Guard.

Each branch has a purpose of why I'm such a huge supporter.

Marines. My grandfather and my cousin were marines. Semper Fi.

Navy. I see their purpose watching "NCIS," if you knew that show, you'd get why I have that purpose.

Coast Guard. They rescue people from the oceans and so forth. That's bravery.

Army. My grandmother was a part of the Army Air Forces, which was known back then. She was a great person, I heard.

Air Force. My uncle and my grandmother were in the military. I'm glad I get to say I'm carrying the tradition of going into the Air Force. 💕 it's by all my favorite branch.

I could watch any movie with a military theme in it and still be fascinated by one thing. I'll do anything to make sure my troops have a safe flight or ride home. If you wanted to get someone back in your arms, what would you do? Be patient, they'll be back. I do believe that troops should have the right to leave if they wanted.

There's always something the military has taught me. That's respect, loyalty and bravery. Especially taking risks.

Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way. — George S. Patton Jr., "Patton Principles"

That's me. I'm chasing my dreams. Either you follow me, lead me or I push you out of my way.