If you ever asked me what I wanted when I grew up, the most important thing for me has always been to get married and start a family. Yes, I had certain career goals that I considered and desired, but all of them paled in comparison to my ultimate goal of marriage and raising children.

And that's still true!

I'm the girl who wants to be a stay-at-home mom who relies on her husband's income. I want to be the wife who cooks dinner for her husband every night and always considers ways to make him happy. I want to wear dresses and aprons and make cookies for my kids. I want to be in the PTA and walk my kids to school. I want my husband to balance the budget and take charge. And there's nothing wrong with any of that! I'm happy and excited to be a typical 1950's housewife in a 2000's world.

I can't imagine being happy in a successful career if I didn't have a successful marriage. That's not to say I don't want both, in some capacity. I do hope to have a job before and after I have kids. I can't imagine having a fulfilling life without a career once I'm done raising my kids. But that's not at all my top priority.

Nevertheless, I think it's important to acknowledge that there's nothing wrong with other people's choices. If my best friend decides she wants more than anything else to be a successful career woman and marries a man who desires to stay at home with their kids, that's beautiful because that's what works for them.

Or maybe another friend doesn't want to get married at all and is happy to dedicate her life to her career. That is also okay!

However, in today's world, I don't think enough focus is placed on those who still do desire to be a traditional "old-fashioned" housewife. It seems to be a matter of fact that women should be in the workforce. Stay-at-home moms are becoming a thing of the past, out of necessity, desire or both.

While my idea of being a housewife might popular choice right now, I think that there is something truly rewarding about it.

Yes, I want to serve my husband; I look forward to the day when I can cook dinner for him every night and work during the day to keep the house clean, just as I hope that he looks forward to the day that his hard work at his job will help support our family. Being a stay-at-home mom means that my kids will have me at home to raise them and care for them. I will have the time to help them with their homework and teach them to be kind and contributing members of society.

Every family dynamic is different. Being a housewife and stay-at-home mom is not "old-fashioned" or "out-dated." It's simply what works for me.