I'm Glad I Know You

Dear Readers,

This piece is for all of my family, friends, and associates that I've ever had the absolute pleasure to have in my life, know, or speak to. Those of you who know me personally know that the LGBTQ+ community has my full love and support.

I got slightly emotional writing this, so I tried my best this week to express what I meant. By the time this article reaches you, Pride Month will be over, but understand that every day is assuredness that you are truly one-of-a kind. Happy Pride Month loves; Keep killing it out here!

I'm glad I know you

I'm glad we met and talked

I'm glad that you trusted

And told me your stories

Some parts covered in trouble

Pain, even, to come into who you truly are

I'm glad I know you

I'm glad we cried together

Over how you thought everyone may have not

Understood, at first, who you are

And have always meant to be

I'm glad I know you

I'm glad we laughed and reminisced

Over how you own every part of yourself

In a world that is quick to dismiss

A world that lives with contradictions

To help it sleep better

But because I know you

And because I love you

I will fight for you

For even though I understand and accept

There are ignorances that will forever exist

Some that want to understand

But others who feel they have nothing to fix

There are injustices that continue to make me sick

For the way you are

Is always enough and will always be perfectly you

And to those that don't think so

I'll never bite my tongue

Because it's people like that who are the problem

Not the many colors in my world that I know

The real heroes that walk among us that I love so much

The heart with valor I admire

The way you show exactly how strong you are without fail

And if they don't like it

That sounds like a personal problem

A friend in me you'll always have


Or whatever allied term you choose to see fit

I'm rooting for you my lovely

Go dream and then live it

Happy Pride Month

The world is yours

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