The Darksiders games were made by THQ way back in the dark age of 2010. Featuring the, incorrectly named, 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (In the world of Darksiders the Horsemen are War, Death, Fury, and Strife. The actual four horsemen of the apocalypse are War, Death, Famine/Plague, and Pestilence).

The Darksiders games were not great graphically, it was either grey or brown with some dark blues thrown in because the art team was feeling adventurous. The story is not great, many different factions and individuals to keep track of, all of which not helped by some names share similar meanings so it takes a butt-load of exposition to distinguish them. The thing that kept me playing the Darksiders games was the combat.

These games take the "hack and slash" idea very seriously and very literally. It is very satisfying to do a long combo of attacks that eventually ends with the enemy getting launched into the air so you can then jump up and perform yet another long combo of attacks on him that eventually ends with him getting slammed into the concrete so hard it breaks. Few games can deliver that kind of gameplay.

Most either don't let you juggle the people you fight or they do it in such a simple and demeaning way. God of War also does this very well. Darksiders also does something else very well. Every now and again the game will throw a bunch of small, nothing enemies at you.

These enemies are so beneath you that one hit will kill them. Darksiders allows you to start a combo on one enemy, and continue it on other enemies. That means that if you have the skill, one fluid combo can deal with a large group of enemies. That may not sound like a lot, but if you pull it off it looks and feels amazing. The Darksiders games aren't perfect, but they do combat really well.

I hope THQ Nordic can live up to the standards of the last two games