Yes, I'm An Introverted Communications Major — And I Love It
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Yes, I'm An Introverted Communications Major — And I Love It

Yes, an Introvert in an Extroverted Major

Yes, I'm An Introverted Communications Major — And I Love It
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I cannot believe it either, but it is safe to say I am a Communications major finishing my second year, specifically a New Media and Communication Technology Major. Like many others I have had a hard time selecting a major, trying to find something that really spoke to me and just stuck.

Yet, I know that by taking communications as my major, my route after college would lead me to many open paths, not just a strict one-way path that may not take me anywhere.

All I can think about though is how shy and introverted I am, yes, once I get comfortable in a certain situation I can open up. I hate presentations or speeches in front of crowds, but I am like that weird personality type where I am introverted, but can be extroverted if I would like to be; if that makes any sense at all.

I have come to realize how much I love my major, all of the fascinating things I have come to learn thus far.

My major consists of many aspects from psychology, sociology, English, and technology, studying behind the minds of various groups while trying to influence them.

I have for sure locked down my major, but cannot decide what minor to do.

Do I go for geography where I could focus on sustainability, do I go for art because I could expand and enhance those skills, or do I do film studies where I could focus on the background of television as well as the computer screen.

Now that's a totally other aspect, yet you may be wondering, Madison if you are an introverted personality type, then why are you studying communications?

Well I can tell you, that this major consists of almost every aspect I was interested in to begin with; that psychology and sociology aspect. But as someone who is as shy as I am, it is trying to enhance my skills in public speaking.

I have never been someone that has done well in public speaking. I am using this time to better myself so I am not restricting my skill set.

That is also why I want to pursue a minor, to bring in another topic of interest. Why not bring all of my interests together, right.

I am pursuing a path where I can enhance my skills and interests, while at the same time changing those introverted characteristics.

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