The moment I started college, I already knew it was so much harder than high school. I always had to work hard in school because it never really came easy to me. Especially in testing, I was never a good test taker in high school so I knew that coming into college. My first semester of college was pretty easy because I didn't know what I wanted to do so I was taking mostly all general education requirements. My second semester of freshman year I thought about majoring in business and then realized I didn't want to do it anymore because of the math requirement.

As my sophomore year started, I knew that I wanted to declare my major and work really hard this year. That was my goal in my head and I knew I could achieve it. I knew I could fulfill above a 3.0 and knew it wouldn't be easy but I could do it. This past semester I received above a 3.0 and was so proud of myself because I knew I could do it. I know that if I have a goal, I'll do just about anything until achieving it. That is an aspect of my life that I truly believe is important - to always put the greatest work in to receive the best outcome. I keep this as my own motto because it motivates me to continue working hard.

I've had a lot of obstacles in my life and sometimes it's hard to get over them but I realize that you just have to keep working at it no matter what is in the way. Life is hard and it won't always be the way you want it to be and sometimes you just have to live with it. I have realized the older I am, the more responsibilities there are. I'll always remember high school as a time with limited freedom as well as the younger ages that required only minor responsibilities.

When I was in high school, my job was babysitting and everything was easy. I now realize why everyone says growing up sucks because there are so many different responsibilities you have to do but it is also exciting because you are entering a new stage of your life as a part of the real world. Times are different now and you're working hard to see what you want to do the rest of your life and building a career. It's though because you are working hard and doing something that you enjoy. I know working hard sucks at the time but eventually you realize that it pays off. It's definitely challenging but that's the way of life. Everyone goes through it. Nothing comes easy and you have to work at it to be successful.