6 IKEA Dorm Products
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Student Life

6 Inexpensive IKEA Products That Are Perfect For Dorm Rooms

Decorating and storage solutions for small space living can be made easier through these products sold by the popular Swedish home goods store.


As a long time lover of the store IKEA, it was the first place I went to in order to find solutions for my small dorm room. IKEA has a variety of home furnishing products and inspiration that can be found on their website and in stores that can make any dorm room look and function better.

1. RASKOG utility cart


The RASKOG cart can be found all over Pinterest due to it's multi-functional purposes. It can be purchased for $29.99 from IKEA, or similarly priced carts from Target or Michaels. This cart is great to store kitchen supplies, office supplies, or whatever needs a place. It is easy to move because of the wheels, and also easy to clean. It's functionality is what makes this cart perfect for a dorm room.

2. TJENA storage box with lid


For $3.99, this storage box makes a great storage solution and decorative element. Boxes are perfect for storing and organizing items in the small space of a dorm room, instead of inevitable, space consuming piles. Boxes with pattern and color also add decorative attractiveness to a room. The box is fold-able, so when it is not needed it is taking up even less space.

3. SKUBB organizer with 6 compartments


The SKUBB organizer is great for adding more storage space and organization to a tiny closet. This organizer attaches to a hanging rod, and for $6.99 it is a great deal. More space for folded clothes can be added with this organizer, and your inner Marie Kondo folding can be unleashed.

4. RANARP work lamp


While this lamp is a little more expensive, at $32.99, it offers style and functionality. The lamp is adjustable so that light can be directed to exactly where you desire. The ugly fluorescent overhead lighting will no longer make you cringe! It has a stylish composition of a sturdy steel base and striped cord with gold accents. This lamp will be sure to lighten any room, and make homework sessions easier to tackle.

5. TORSLEV rug


This rug is great for the daily wear and tear of a dorm room floor. For $19.99, it helps to soften the hard floor, add sound absorbing qualities to the space, and provide a fun pattern! TORSLEV is reversible, so it can be flipped to withstand even more wear. It can be machine washed and vacuumed, making it easy to clean. It's light color can also make the small space of a dorm feel bigger.

6. TRADASTER duvet cover and pillowcases


The TRADASTER will blow your mind. IKEA sells this twin size duvet with pillowcases for a shocking $7.99. Similarly to the TORSLEV rug, the light color of the duvet will make any small dorm room feel bigger. It offers a small circular pattern that is timeless. IKEA claims that the rug will not shrink and crease, making it perfect for a dorm room. This duvet offers the perfect finishing touch to your new IKEA dorm room collection!

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