If You Dont Like My Dog, I Dont Like You
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If You Dont Like My Dog, I Dont Like You

You Cant Sit With Us

If You Dont Like My Dog, I Dont Like You
Carlyn Romeo

Having a dog is like having another sibling, your parents like them more, think they are the best child and praise them more. (Only Kidding mom and dad) but not really.

Having a dog changes your life forever, it adds another form of life that depends on you to survive. You don’t realize it when you are younger but as you grow you truly being to realize how much you mean to your dog. You have a life outside of your house and besides your dog, however your dog does not. You are your dog’s whole world and its time everyone starts acting like it. My friends constantly make fun of me for how much I love my dog, I address her and talk about her like a human. If you didn’t know me or my dog and you heard me talking about her you would probably assume she was my sister or my friend. She has been a part of my family since the day we picked her up.

Before getting my most recent dog Gabby, my family had two dogs previous. One named Jack and the other named Bianca. I was very little when jack passed away so I do not remember him much but Bianca, Bianca was my whole world. The day she passed away was one of the worst days of my life.It effected my family so deeply we thought we would never be able to get another dog. No one would ever replace Bianca and they still haven’t. But Gabby has come along and added a new member to our family. Every little kid wants a dog, begs and pleads their parents just to let them have one. I am so grateful for the day my parents gave into mine and my sisters begging and let us have a dog because our lives are forever changed.

My dog is my furry best friend, my sister, my companion and my happiness on a rainy day. So if you don’t have a dog and you want one keep up the begging and pleading they will give in one day! (Sorry to all the parents out there) but remember your kids deserve the love and companionship that dog will give them. For those of you who do have dogs don’t ever take them for granite, show them as much love as possible and always remember to thank them whether they understand you or not. So to all the dogs out there,

expecially mine here our six reasons every human should thank you.

  1. Thank you for always being excited when I walk in the front door.
  2. Thank you for always acting like I’m your favorite person in the world
  3. Thank you for sleeping in late with me after all those long weeks
  4. Thank you for never forgetting about me
  5. Thank you for loving me even on my worst days
  6. Thank you most of all, for the love, the companionship and always giving me a reason to smile

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