I often find myself daydreaming how to raise children, even though I'm not sure that I would want them. What would their name be? Nursery theme? What would I keep the same to how my parents raised me? What would I change? Even though having kids is far into the future, I have already made a list of all the different things I would teach them.

First and foremost, I would try to be accepting and understanding of them. If they want to dye their hair a crazy color? Go ahead. If they want to get a tattoo, go ahead. If they are gay, transgender, gender fluid, etc; that is okay. Honestly, whatever choice they make, as long as they are not harming themselves or others, I will try to be accepting.

I would teach them to be accepting of their flaws, and to power through the challenges. I would teach them that people come in different shapes and sizes, not just thin. Some people are thicker than others, and that's okay. I would encourage them to eat healthy and exercise, but not enforce it too harsh. And if they are dealing with any physical or mental issues, we will deal with it. I will help them as much as they need. I will not ignore the issue.

I would teach them about the world. I would teach them about the different people there are, from athletes to artists to transgenders, I want to teach them about people that they can have as someone to look up to. I don't want them to try to be like that person, but rather follow in their footsteps to be successful.

I would teach them to follow their goals and dreams. I want to teach them to dream big. I hope that they make ambitious goals, and will strive until they reach it. And when they complete that one, find another. And another. And another. Never stop finding a new dream.

And finally, I would teach them that money is not the most important thing. I would teach them that spending time with family and friend, and taking care of their health issues. I would teach them that when they do die, it isn't the house the people will remember, or how much money they had. But rather, it's their kindness and spirit that the people will remember.